Storm around Sophie Codegoni: “They use their children” | Photoscandal caused outrage (PHOTO)

It's a storm for Sophie Codegoni

Sophie Codegoni – “Source: Mediaset video screenshot” –

The photo scandal sparks outrage online, with public opinion turning towards Sophie Codegoni in an unprecedented media storm. No one forgives her for this shot, the followers are rioting, what will the influencer do?

Sophie Codegoni got into one very strong media storm this time it was her fault. photo scandal, the network is indignant. They are accused of using their children and anger is rampant on social media. A powerful woman in despair, she would never think of it. such situation.

Former Thronist Man and woman already passed crisis moments on social mediaespecially during that dark period spent with his current partner, Alexander Basciano. There, too, there was no shortage of criticism, even if in the end everything worked outwhat they have recently become, little Celine’s parents. Who knows if the sun will return after the storm even under these circumstances?

Scandalous photo of Sophie Codegoni, which subscribers do not like

As you know, Sophie Codegoni she has recently become a mother and is enjoying her happy family consisting of her partner Alexander Bascianotheir baby is small Celine and their chihuahua BB. The “thunderstorm” between the two boys seems to be just a distant memory as the sun has finally returned to their home. Despite the classic stereotypes that mother in law hates friend daughter, they are living proof that this scenario doesn’t happen all the time.

They kiss he is very connected in fact, the mothers of Codegoni, Valeria Pashutiwhich he often teases himself on social media. A recent social video posted by Sophie went viral due to a comedic incident where, in practice, their dog BB starts barking when he sees his reflection in the mirror and Alessandro having fun. comments in the background: “She argues alone, like Pashuti”, placing in the center the grandmother Celine, who laughs “under her mustache”. So many are wondering what happened so devastatingly that caused so much havoc on social media, given that apparently it seemed go, it’s all right for a young influencer?

Criticism shared by many

Sophie Codegoni posted a photo with your little girl and if many users found the shot gentle, then others had a completely different reaction. Photoscandal, in their opinion, disturb the network and forces Codegoni to get into a real storm. Many users claim that influencers in general, including the former throne Man and woman“they use their children” to do businessearning thanks to this handful of likes.

We report the photo in question so that you can get your own idea without any restrictions on our part. What do you think about it? Whatever you think, mother and daughter together are truly one. show for the heart.

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