Story of a book thief, what does Emma Watson have to do with it? What a disappointment for Sophie Nélisse!


It came out in 2013 Story of a Book Thiefmoving film he saw Sophie Nelisse as the protagonist, alongside Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush. The theme is touching: a young girl who manages to steal books that, at the time of the Second World War of Nazi Germany, ended up in the fire.

They said to Nélisse who would work with Emily Watson. But the leading actress had immediately thought of the iconic Hermione Granger: Emma Watson. So she convinced herself that she was going to be working with Hermione herself. Nélisse’s mother then proceeded to reveal the ‘hard’ truth about her.

A lawful and funny confusion. Who knows what scenarios the young actress may have imagined! Another of the film’s curiosities is the passage read by Liesel taken from the book of the film. The passage was this: “Then there was the dust on the floor, the feeling that the clothes were closer to her than on her, and the sudden realization that it had all been for nothing.“. This is an excerpt from the novel by Markus Zusak, ‘The Story of a Book Thief’ from which Brian Percival later made the film.

For those who missed it, we refer you to our review and special on the Story of a book thief.

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