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jDry Chastain is the main character MemoryMichel Franco’s new film in competition at the 2023 Venice Film Festival. She plays a social worker who is called upon to deal with a man who returns from his past.

Memory is a new film directed by Michel Franco. In competition at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, and also scheduled for the Toronto Film Festival, actors will be the main characters. Jessica Chastain AND Peter Sarsgaard like Sylvia and Saul. Sylvia is a social worker who leads a simple and structured life marked by her daughter, work, and meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous. But everything comes into question when Saul follows her home after the reunion. Their unexpected meeting will actually have a profound impact on their lives, reopening the door to the past.

In Italy, it will appear in our cinemas thanks to the rental Academy Two.

Peter Sarsgaard AND Jessica Chastain to the cinema Memory.

The role of memory

touching story movie Memory sees the past, present, and future being questioned when Sylvia and Saul meet again. Sylvia works for a New York City government agency that serves adults suffering from health and mental health issues. Her existence is fairly simple but orderly until the day she sees Saul again under not-quite-reassuring circumstances: he’s been following her anxiously since they met in high school, and the next morning she finds him outside the door, wet and in control. freezing. Opening the door to the past will not leave any of them unscathed, and the consequences will inevitably affect their future.

Filmed by Franco in collaboration with director of photography Yves Cape, his longtime collaborator, in the director’s typical strict style. Memory touches on complex issues such as identity and trust, loss of self and all-pervading hope. The supporting cast, which includes Merritt Wever and Josh Charles, among others, help make the story unexpected and unforgettable, emphasizing that memory, often considered the foundation of who we are, does not define the boundaries of what it means to be human.

“I wanted to make a film about people who, for some reason, get lost in the crevices of society,” commented Michel Franco. “Their inability – or unwillingness – to live up to expectations is often rooted in events that exist only in their memories. But sometimes one’s own marginalization provides a way out of the shadows of the past, an opportunity to build a life in the present. Memory“My film questions the possibility or impossibility of escaping these shadows.”

Peter Sarsgaard AND Jessica Chastain to the cinema Memory.

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