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Stranded Deep PC Game Download Full Version

For every lover of simulation survival games, a perfect representative of this genre has been created. The game under the phrase ” Stranded Deep Download ” is an extraordinary world with amazing adventures. And a lot of realistic elements have been introduced to the entire gameplay that affect the character we play. In sequence.

Stranded Deep PC Game Download Full Version

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Stranded Deep is a production of the Australian Beam Team Games, which has been working on a purely survival position for some time, which would take place in the most realistic and natural conditions. What is the background of the game? Now, we are the only surviving passenger on the plane. The plane crashed somewhere over the Pacific and one of the islands in the ocean is now our home. Our basic assumption is to survive and cope with various unfavorable conditions. What’s extremely important here is the fact that no fantasy elements like mutants, zombies or some extraterrestrials have been introduced. The only thing that can threaten us is the well-known nature and ourselves. So if we are ready to face pure nature, this production is a great opportunity for that.Stranded Deep Download to check it out.

The game is based on the real world. What does it mean? Well, a daily mode has been introduced which causes day and night to alternate. At night, the island is extremely cold and you have to deal with it. The days, on the other hand, are full of very high temperatures, leading to increased thirst and fatigue caused by the heat. In addition, the island also has changing weather conditions, which from time to time also result in the appearance of a storm on the ocean. Other elements from the natural world are the fact that food spoils and our hero feels hungry and thirsty.

So how can you handle your stay on the island? Well, the main way is to constantly and systematically explore the island and obtain natural resources during an expedition. It can be food or materials for making various structures or structures. The second source of materials and equipment is the constant exploration of the underwater areas surrounding the island. They are a source of very interesting finds and very helpful tools. Here, however, a note. Sharks are swimming in the assessment. An encounter with one of them may end with the death of the hero for the player, so you should also pay attention to it and it should be careful about it. Going out for underwater searches during a storm is also not the best idea, it can also lead to our death. So you have to pay attention to all elements of the world around us when making various decisions during the game. Check it out during your own playthrough in Stranded Deep download .

How can you interact with your surroundings? Finding various items on the island and underwater, you can use them to create very simple tools, such as a fishing rod or, for example, weapons. However, the system also allows you to create more complex structures that make it easier to operate on the island. These complicated structures include, among others, a simple hut or a raft.

The game’s appeal grows thanks to the procedural environment creation. This means that each exit to the island and going under the water is a new territory, each time it is different, changed. Thanks to this, exploring the island is always associated with uncertainty and surprise.

The interface is simple, minimalist and intuitive. The player has to make his own decisions about combining elements and solving problems.

Stranded Deep PC Game Download Full Version

Stranded Deep download

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