Strange Phenomena Pediatricians Saw in Guatemala

Months after the end of the school year, parents remain concerned about the rise in infections among their youngest children.

OTHER NEWS: LOTS OF CASES!The virus that makes children sick at school

The beginning of school always means increased infection For the little ones in the house. Yet pediatricians caught the infection, cured, reinfected months after the end of the 2023 school year, but what caused the kids to get sick again in such a short time?

502 AM Talk to Dr. Arthur MelvilleThe former chairman of the board of directors of Roosevelt Hospital and former associate chief of pediatrics at the hospital, explained that throughout his career he has seen children from the age of two to five tend to be more likely to get sick while in school, as your immune system is exposed to viruses and bacteria it has never encountered before. However, he explained that something is happening now that he does not see.

Children who were not in school when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and who started school this year appear to be getting sick more often than before. One of Aprofam’s doctors, Dr. Isera Soto He commented to Soy502 that this phenomenon also occurs in his clinic.

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Generally, it is the first child who gets sick the most. (Photo: Pexels)

“In a class of 10 students, one got sick, where before it was only three. Now all 10 are sick,” Melville said in a media call.

What is this for?

Melville attributes this phenomenon to confinement This is to limit contagion Coronavirus disease. He explained that before the pandemic, when the family went to the mall, attended orientation classes, played piñata, etc., children’s immune systems were exposed to other infections, which can be summarized as follows: Connect with other people.

Now the little ones have been locked up for three years, leaving their systems idle and infected in large numbers.

Soto agrees that little kids look more vulnerable these days because they don’t develop defenses, explaining ‘They’ll need time’ to get back to normal.

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COVID-19 infection is now part of everyday life. (Photo: Consensus)

What are these diseases?

Both experts agree that the disease that is occurring is Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Diseases. Respiratory infections include otitis media, throat infections, pneumonia, and COVID-19.

Melville stresses flu and Adenoviral conjunctivitis. He explained that flu cases are increasing every decade, and thinks this may be the same as what has happened with adenovirus conjunctivitis, which he has not seen in recent years.

What can parents do?

Soto explained that those responsible for caring for young children can take the following steps:

  • Complete list of vaccinations for children and pregnant women, especially the flu shot.
  • Wash your hands inside and outside your home.
  • Be careful not to let small children share food.
  • Take your child to see a doctor.
  • Don’t send them to school if they are sick.

Soto even explained Face mask This is no longer mandatory if the parents wish.

On the other hand, Melville explained, this phenomenon has to happen eventually to boost the immune system. “The solution is not to create a sterile world without viruses or bacteria, you have to make it happen,” he concluded.

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