Stranger Things 5, Joseph Quinn on the possible return of Eddie Munson

Season 4 of Stranger Things introduced one of the most beloved characters in the entire Netflix series. We’re talking about Eddie Munson, the quintessential outsider played by Joseph Quinn and protagonist of a memorable scene in which he played Masters of Puppets, an iconic song by Metallica. Many have hoped for his return Strangers Things 5but the actor has been providing not-so-positive updates in that regard.

STRANGER THINGS. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix .. 2022

Stranger Things 5, Eddie Munson will not return

They’re shooting the new season very soon and I’d love to be a part of it but, I mean…..I’m dead! I really don’t think it could happen if you want my most honest answer on it.

These are his statements made during the London Comic-Con and clearly in line with his character’s fate in the previous season. In Stranger Things 4Indeed, Eddie Munson sacrifices himself to allow his friends to escape from Vecna, becoming the true hero of Hawkins. And even the Duffer brothers, creators of the show, have repeatedly made it clear how they will not make Eddie Munson’s death in vain by bringing him back to life despite the fact that Stranger Things has often accustomed its fans to big surprises.

At the moment there is still no official news on the fifth season of Stranger Things except that it will be the last and will not arrive before 2024. Several stars of the cast, Millie Bobby Brown in the first place, are ready to leave the series behind and look beyond. Despite the conclusion with the fifth season, the Stranger Things universe will expand with a theatrical playproduced by prolific British theater producer Sonia Friedman, and with a spinoff the details of which are not yet known (but Finn Wolfhard would seem to have already guessed the plot).

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