Stranger Things 5, when does filming start?

There is great anticipation for the fifth season of Stranger Things. Not only because viewers can’t wait to know what will happen to Eleven and his friends, but above all because season 5 it will be the final one. There release date of new episodes on Netflix is not yet known, but we have a few more clues about it: thanks to the statements recently released by David Harbourthe actor he plays Sheriff Jim Hopper. Here’s what was said

What David Harbor said

But what did he say David Harbour? While he was in Abu Dhabi to attend the Middle East Film & Comic Con, the actor said: «We are working on the season five. I have a couple of months to train.” And again: «We start filming in June, it will be our last season».

In the fourth season of the series created by the Duffer brothers, Hopper was prisoner of the Soviets. To prepare for the interpretation the actor had followed a rigorous preparation because he had to appear muscular, lean but also tried (physically and psychologically) by detention in terrible conditions. From the third to the fourth season, the actor said he lost about 35 kilos thanks to training and intermittent fasting. At the end of the fourth season, however, Hopper returned to the United States and reunited with Joyce and with Eleven. Therefore, there should be no other periods of fatigue and strict diet waiting for him!

Filming begins in the spring

Also Noah Schnappthe actor who plays Will, spoke live on social media about thestart of filming of Stranger Things 5, saying however that they will start in May (and not June). But in short, little changes: the point is that it’s not long now!

What we know about Stranger Things 5

Apart from these rather generic references, the information on Stranger Things 5 I’m still a mystery. Surely the protagonists will have to face Vecna ​​in a final decisive battle, but there is no other news for now on the plot of the fifth season, which will consist of eight episodes. The first will be titled “Chapter One: The Crawl“.

We also know, then, that there are no new entries in the cast: the creators of the series have preferred to focus on the already known characters, without adding other meat to the fire. The release of season 5 could take place in the course of 2024.

How much are actors paid?

The salaries of the actors in the series have also been released recently. Millie Bobby Brown has a broader agreement with Netflix which includes, in addition to the series, also the films Enola Holmes and The Electric State: the figure is not known. The main actors like David Harbour And Winona Ryder they will receive 9.5 million for season 5 (up from 2.8 million in season 3). The young protagonists present since the first episode, such as Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Finn Wolfhard, will instead have about seven million each. The same goes for Sadie Sink, although she joined the cast later.

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