Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown speaks: “I’m ready to conclude”


Stranger Things is coming to an end with its fifth and final season. Some stars like David Harbor have declared themselves ready to say goodbye despite the great affection towards the series. Even the main star, Millie Bobby Brown has expressed itself in this regard.

During an interview for Seventeenthe actress who plays Eleven in the series said that: “I’m definitely ready to close“.

Brown later elaborated on that claim as follows: “I feel that so much history has been told now, and we know it well, it has been a part of our lives for a long time. But I’m ready to say goodbye to this chapter in my life and open another one… I’m able to create stories myself, stories that are important to me. I want to focus on the big picture“. The actress concluded, however, by affirming her deep connection with the series: “But I’m very thankful for the show“.

The fifth season of Stranger Things it is still quite secretive. In fact, many do not know what to expect: numerous theories have arisen about the finale of the Upside Down series, especially after the numerous questions that the fourth season has left its viewers. As always, we’ll have to wait for therelease of the fifth season to verify them.

And you? Are you ready to say goodbye to the universe of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments!

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