Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown’s request was not accepted

very strange things One of the most popular fantasy-drama series on Netflix in recent years. Created by the Duffer Brothers and set in the 80s, it follows some of the supernatural experiences experienced by a group of friends. The series had a real boom in views since the third season, rightfully entering the history of the series of this genre. Leading up to the release of the fifth and final season, series co-star Millie Bobby Brown apparently demanded a drastic change of course, which was not accepted by the producers.

fans very strange things So I’m waiting again. After many years of waiting for the release of the fourth season, the release of the final season is again in doubt. However, the situation is complicated by the strikes of Hollywood writers and actors. Despite the fact that the implementation of the project has slowed down somewhat, the creators of the show are adamant in their decisions. “Very strange things will never end like Game of Thrones.

The parallelism refers to the explicit request of the actress. Millie Bobby Brown. Actress and translator Elevenduring the interview, he touched on the topic of the series’ character murders. In fact, the actress seems to be convinced that “The show should be like Game of Thrones”. According to the actress, one must have such a mentality. This explicit request to the creators of the show, however, did not find a positive response.

The death of any character has a special weight in the series. very strange things. For the characters themselves, this carries a lot of emotional weight as they are young protagonists. It will take a long time to overcome the disappearance of a character. THAT the duffer brothers therefore, they wanted to answer clearly to the request of the actress:

“Believe me, we explored every possibility, every option at the writing stage. But we are not Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, not Westeros. This is me defending Millie Bobby Brown’s accusation that I am a sensitive soul and explaining that there is a logic behind this that has nothing to do with sensitivity. So, Millie,” added Matt Duffer.

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