Stranger Things overtakes Netflix’s most popular series rankings on Wednesday

It topped Stranger Things on Netflix’s list of the most popular shows of all time on Wednesday, but with a twist that deserves special attention.

Stranger Things overtakes Netflix's most popular series rankings on Wednesday

Wednesday finally passed stranger things in the ranking of the most popular series on Netflix Thanks to a twist that no one would have expected. Stranger Things and Wednesdays have become two of the streaming platform’s flagship series, with first seasons slated for release in 2016 and 2022, respectively.

wednesday gina ortega

Wednesday: A close up of Jenna Ortega

Netflix has recently changed its rating criteria for shows, which has brought about a major revolution in the list of all the most popular series of all time. As a result, Season 1 of The Wednesdays officially surpassed Stranger Things Season 4 as the most popular English-language series.

Netflix now measures the popularity of its series by the total number of “views”.Scene“instead of”hours displayed“Considering the first 91 days of a new title’s release. It got 252.1 million views on Wednesday, while the fourth season of Stranger Things just passed 140 million.

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things:

Following this change, Dahmer: The Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story remained in third place, but Bridgerton’s first season was overtaken by its second season and finished fourth. The chess queen made a big splash in popularity by making it to the top five.

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