Strawberry makeup is the new trend of Hailey Bieber

Undeniably, when it comes to creating new beauty trends, she is the undisputed queen of social media. Hailey Bieberwhich inevitably returned once more tik tak to introduce us to what could be summer’s new makeup obsession, here’s strawberry makeup.

And if a few years ago peaches were the protagonists of her beauty look with peach makeup, today, after a matte brace with glazed skin, I strawberry to captivate beauty lovers from all over the world, thanks to a video posted by a model and influencer on the popular social network. A super natural look, as Hailey Bieber loves, inspired by red summer fruits, destined to become the most popular makeup of the last summer weeks.

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What is strawberry makeup

But what exactly? The name already speaks for itself, a makeup reminiscent of the color of strawberries and making the face a concentrate sweetness and tenderness full of charm. Pink and radiant make-up with an alluring look, like a strawberry, but at the same time supernatural, as if it were a light blush given by the sun.

Gorgeous effect and very easy to make, which Hayley herself posted a quick guide to on Tik Tok for anyone who wants to copy this trick already in trend and show a strawberry make-up done in a businesslike way and with such a result that it is impossible not to notice.

How to do Hailey Bieber strawberry makeup

So the first step to get a strawberry make-up is always a good foundation for the face, which in the case of a model consists of a good dose moisturizer and seruma few well-calibrated tips of concealer, for example, near the mouth or in the inner corner of the eyes, and need to be blended to make it uniform and invisible, a little creamy bronzer and comb the eyebrows well.

At this stage, after standardizing the base of the face (and here each of you knows how to do it according to your skin type and complexion), here we come to the fateful moment of creating a strawberry effect, characteristic of strawberry makeup.

And Hayley herself tells us how to do this by applying two shades of blush. cream blush different on the cheeks, both colors tending to pink and red, and blend products with your fingers only on the cheeks, making them slightly ruddy and full of charm. A bit of bronzer on the lids, plenty of mascara, a dab of brown eyeliner if you want to elongate the look a bit, and a light dab of the same blush used on the cheeks to apply on the lips. For an all-round strawberry effect that you can’t help but fall in love with instantly.

And your strawberry makeup is ready to show everyone in the simplest and most summery version.

Strawberry makeup: a beauty trend that needs to be repeated

A make-up that does not require large steps, but which guarantees you a truly exceptional result, the perfect summer mood and which recalls the colors and brightness of freshly tanned strawberries. In short, nothing is sweeter and a trick worth trying and replicating when playing with different shades of blush find the one that best enhances the complexion in the Strawberry version.

And the “challenge” didn’t really take long, so much so that there are already many videos on Tik Tok itself that replicate Strawberry’s makeup, mixing products similar to those Hailey Bieber uses and featuring each one in his Po In its own way, this super cool strawberry effect makeup that will no doubt go crazy on the cheeks of each of us, at least until the beginning of autumn or until the next nature-inspired beauty trend.

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