Stray cat gives her puppy to woman who took her off the street

For Lizanne, going to the garden for a while was routine, but one afternoon it became extraordinary.

he saw in the bushes A stray black cat. He is very cute and comes from a cat colony near his home.. What happened next?

This citizen of Quebec, Canada, He thought the cat would be hungry, so he gave it food and water.He repeated this process for several weeks. The cat trusts her, Lizian enjoys her company, and… everyone is happy!

This isn’t an overweight kitten, it’s a pregnant cat

But the Canadians observed that the cat began to gain weight, perhaps more than necessary. It didn’t take long for Lizian to realize that kilograms weren’t just about food: It was a cat and she was pregnant..

When the cat gave birth to kittens in October 2020, she tried to feed them herself. However, It seemed he needed help, so he reached out to Liziana ❤️.

How did he do it? She moved five cats one by one into her human friend’s garden. He lined up the kittens in a row for the purpose of asking for help and introducing them.

Kittens must be well taken care of, that’s the message.

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Lizian contacted the Animal Society and they arrived just in time. All kittens have trouble breathing They also suffer from conjunctivitis, a problem that causes discomfort and discomfort.

Although the kittens received the best care, Mother cat and Lizianne stay together, who neutered the cat and…adopted her! ???. A happy ending for a feline family.

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