Streaming is changing, Universal wants to reward quality songs

Universal music rewrites the rules of the streaming game with a new deal with Diezer. What does it mean? Let’s explain.

The way streaming money is distributed has become a source of frustration among music companies and musicians: modern streaming models treat every song the same, whether it’s Taylor Swift or the chirping of crickets. This system dilutes the income of major artists by inadvertently favoring them. low quality songs or even deceptive. But here’s the twist: Universal is introducing an updated model in collaboration with French streaming service Deezer. This doubles the weight that professional artists – those who collectively perform at least 1,000 plays a month – receive when calculating royalties. And if a listener is actively searching for a specific artist or song, the weight of that stream doubles again. It’s not a distant dream: Deezer will adopt the approach in France starting in October, with wider rollout expected in January.

In short: we need to say goodbye to elevator music and hello to better songs. Universal’s new rules mean that your playlist will be qualitatively improved, while most of the $900 million currently spent on “noisedesigned for the pockets of true artists.

After all, Universal Music is a real titan. With an extensive music portfolio and stars such as Drake AND Taylor Fast It is the largest music royalty company on its list. And as the music streaming industry prepares to hit a projected $38 billion in revenue this year, Universal’s strategic move with Deezer could be just the beginning: after all, the company is already in talks with music sector giants like Spotify AND Tidal. If everything goes according to Universal’s vision, it could set a new standard for how the game is played and win.

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