Streamy Awards 2023, all winners

Sunday, August 27, was the evening Streamy Awardscelebrated in Los Angeles: an award that has existed since 2009 (although at that time it was focused only on online series) and dedicated to the world of online media and, in particular, to its main characters, creators.

Gamers, streamers, youtubers: these are the stars of the Streamy Awards, who are not very famous in Italy, but who generate a lot of interest in the US and on social networks. hype. To receive the Creator of the Year award, we expect it immediately, Mister Beast, which he won five years in a row. Among the international nominations there is also our Xabi Lamebut to do it in his place was ebayA Esports commentator of Spanish origin.

header Rolling Stones created a new category at the Streamy Awards 2023 – the award Sound of the Year: The award was then given to the musician (or author) whose songs have had the most impact on the Internet in recent months. To win Megan TrainorWith Made you look.

Streamy Awards, all winners

Here are all the winners in their respective categories:

  • Creator of the Year – MisterBeast
  • Show of the Year – Challenge accepted Michelle Khare
  • Streamer of the Year — Kai Chenat
  • International – Ibai (Spain)
  • short form — Chris Olsen
  • Breakthrough Maker – Dylan Mulvaney
  • Breakout streamer – Fanum
  • Cooperation — MrBeast, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Creator of the social good – invisible people
  • Product Creator – Prime by Logan Paul x KSI
  • Crossovers – Jonas brothers
  • First person — Ryan Trahan
  • Just chatting – Quackery
  • Diverse streamer – IShowSpeed
  • Wtuber – Le Havre Gora
  • Rolling Stone Sound of the Year – Made You Look Meghan Trainor
  • Podcasts – On purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Scenario series – Bryce Brandon Rogers
  • Non-scripted series – Sam and Colby
  • animated – Helluva Boss by Vivziepop
  • beauty — Mikayla Nogueira
  • Comedy – RDC Mir
  • A comment – penguins0
  • Competitive Gamers – TenZ
  • Dance — Enola Bedard
  • Fashion & Style Wisdom Kay
  • food — Nick DiGiovanni
  • Gamers – dream
  • Health and wellness — Dr. Julie
  • Children and family – Ms. Rachel
  • training and education – Tiered Zoo
  • Life style – AMP
  • News – HassanAbi
  • science and technology – I did a thing
  • Kinds of sports jesser
  • Technologies Marques Brownlee
  • Cinema — Reader — Nicholas Adams
  • editing – The Yes Theory by Thomas Dager, Cam Peddle, Tristan Kevich
  • Visual and special effects — Zach King
  • Letter — Leo Gonzalez
  • Agency of the Year – Rich Agency
  • Brand engagement – Insta360 No drones? No problem!
  • Brand of the Year — Barbie/Mattell
  • Branded Series – Live@4:25 Totino Pizza Rolls x Sassy Guys, Flighthouse, Content+
  • Branded videos -ASMcaR-Nissan X Donut
  • Influencers Campaign – Blast to the Top, Gel Blaser • BENlabs
  • Social Impact Campaign – Playing by the rules International Committee of the Red Cross • PopShorts

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