Strengthening the Surveillance of Positive Cases of Avian Influenza

Fauna Network and park rangers have increased the frequency of monitoring of Chubut’s Atlantic coast following Friday’s confirmation of a positive case of bird flu in a dead sea lion found in Pyramides harbor. No new cases have been confirmed.

This was confirmed by Fernando Bersano, head of the fauna department, who also added that “it is transmitted from animals to humans, although the incidence due to secretions is very low, mainly due to contact, That’s why it’s important to respect people’s feelings.” Suggest rather than approach. “

Regarding the continuity of work on avian influenza, the official insisted that “the committee has remained active. In fact, this is an outbreak, although it has been described in other countries, such as Peru and Chile, but immediately Passed to the wolves, and the presentation here seems to have taken longer. 17 days ago, the outbreak started in Tierra del Fuego, then Ponta de Loyola in Santa Cruz, then Necochea, Mar del Plata , Rio Negro, now us. That’s why it took so long to get our attention.”

“We know the outbreak is coming because it’s impossible to restrict movement, you can wait, but you can’t do anything about immigration. Means it will spread, doesn’t mean it meets wolf requirements,” Bielsano said.


In view of the prevalence of avian influenza or H5N1 influenza, following the discovery of two dead sea lion specimens a few days ago near the port of Pyramides, the Emergency Committee for Avian Influenza composed of the Ministry of Animals, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and SENASA provided the following suggestion:

Do not approach animals that appear on our beaches and notify immediately if they are found dead. Likewise, it is advisable to keep dogs from getting loose, especially on the beach.

In addition, avoid the entry and circulation of people and vehicles on the beach or in the affected space, avoid direct contact with wild birds, and observe only from a distance. Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with secretions or droppings of wild birds or sea lions.

Avian Influenza

Anyone who suspects or reports an affected animal is urged to contact their nearest local office, the SENASA notification app for Android devices, email at (email protected), phone number 11 5700 5704 or complete the online form.

At this moment, everyone’s cooperation and responsibility are crucial to control the spread and safeguard the health of the people. All sectors of society are requested to keep abreast of the situation through official channels and follow the instructions of the intervening agency authorities.

suspend activity

The Ministry of Tourism of Chubut province has decided to suspend sea lion diving in all nature reserves in the province for “fifteen days”.

In turn, the resolution of the Chubut Tourism Portfolio warns that the above-mentioned period may be extended, depending on the dynamics of the situation and the eventual increase in positive cases in bird populations.

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