Stretch Marks: The Best Products to Eliminate Them

Pprevention and cure are the only two solutions when it comes to stretch marks. But remember: timely treatment is critical.

causes of stretch marks they are different. They usually begin to appear during puberty, which is when the body grows and transforms, or during pregnancy, when sudden weight changes occur and they scars due to rupture of elastic fibers of the dermis.

Even stress and long-term use of certain medications can lead to the appearance of stretch marks, which predominantly affect women (although men are not completely immune to them) and occur due to lack of skin elasticity. The most affected areas are the abdomen, hips and thighs, but they often appear on the arms.

The ideal would be to prevent them with creams that help keep the skin hydrated and elastic, but even if the first stretch marks have begun to appear, there is still hope.

Red streamers and white streamers

There is no point in treating stretch marks as a problem, because they can happen to anyone, regardless of physical shape. An example of this is the post of Chrissy Teigen, who showed off her post-pregnancy stretch marks in 2018, revealing that they were also a source of insecurity for her, but at the same time spawned an empowerment movement that normalized their existence.

At this point, it is necessary to differentiate between the two types of stretch marks: red and white, and this distinction is important to know what can be done to combat them.

red streamers they are a sign that the process of breaking down the elastic fibers has begun, but if we have not been able to prevent it, this is the point where we can still intervene with products that have a deep restorative effect.

white stretch marks instead, they mark the end of the game because the scar is now deep and ingrained and the damage is no longer reversible with products on the market, but requires medical intervention and laser treatment.

  • Rilastil Stretch Mark Cream, Treatment against stretch marks, Softening, moisturizing and elasticizing product for sensitive skin, Packaging 200 ml

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  • Collistar Anti-stretch mark concentrate, with elastin + hyaluronic acid + collagen, tightens and strengthens skin tissue, counteracts the formation of stretch marks, 150 ml

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  • Bionike Defense Body – Body cream for stretch marks, elastic and firming effect for sensitive and intolerant skin, reduces and prevents the appearance of blemishes, gives skin firmness, 300 ml

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  • Lierac Stretch Mark Serum Fitolastil 75 ml


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  • BCOSMETICA Elastix – Anti-stretch mark body cream with elastic and firming effect with snail mucus, hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen (200ml)


  • Anti-stretch mark cream Dr. Severin® | Gel against stretch marks | Building Muscle Bodybuilding Pregnancy | Against scars and cracks | Restores skin structure | Made in Germany

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  • Téane – Organic certified protective cream against stretch marks, prevents the appearance of stretch marks, compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding, 150 ml tube.

    29.60 euros

  • bleumarine Brittany Almond Oil – All skin types (sensitive and children’s) – Ideal base oil for making body oils and massages – Great with essential oils – 2000 ml

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  • DERMOMAMMA BODY OIL with dry touch, for the skin of pregnant and nursing mothers, with safe and effective ingredients against stretch marks, elasticizing, moisturizing and firming ingredients, 250 ml.


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