Strict protocols keep Acuña blood transfusions safe

Acuña, COAH. – Blood transfusions are currently safer than ever because whoever wants to donate blood must undergo various clinical tests to detect any conditions that may worsen the health of the person receiving the blood. said the organization’s coordinator. Department of Medical Specialties, Center for Primary Care in Addiction (UNEME-CAPA), Víctor Hugo Valdez Dantes.

He stressed that sexually transmitted diseases currently transmitted through blood transfusions have virtually disappeared because donors are now tested earlier for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis and anti-doping.

“This situation did not exist before 1996, when there were certain flaws in the blood donation process, especially the lack of testing for hepatitis C. Today, some people who received blood at that time turned out to have the disease and had to receive treatment. .” he added.

He emphasized that people who currently donate blood are healthy and have no problems, because even if blood is urgently needed, blood donors must undergo clinical examinations.

“In all cases, regardless of the emergency, the blood must be analyzed before transfusion, and sometimes there is already blood in the hospital and the only thing to do is to replace it,” the expert said.

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