strikes stop Emmy awards

strikes that they are shaking Hollywood they strike again. pay for it Emmy Awardsawards ceremony scheduled for September 18, 2013 postponed until a date to be fixed. Let’s just say, several American journalistic sources, such as diversity And Los Angeles Times.

There is still some uncertainty about this. 75th edition more Major US Television Awards: there Television Academy will point to November 2023, Fox To January 2024.

It would be the same person who insisted that, as always, in September FoxI’m worried about safety the absence of many stars on the red carpet and on stagewhich would inevitably make the ceremony less interesting and, in all likelihood, cause several sponsors to flee.

rules strikes that more and more first-level names are joining are actually very clear and they prevent actors from promoting their work in any way. Therefore, no events, but not even interviews, not TV appearances, not premieres, and not something else.

Honest behavior that endangers not only Emmy But many more events planned soon, above all, the Venice Film Festival, whose September edition is already imagined in many shades, animated only by Italian stars and devoid of international ones (which usually catalyze the attention of most media and others).

Even because no flicker to quickly resolve disputes between entertainment industry workers and big names in the sector seems to be on the horizon but, on the contrary, the protest takes on a larger scale every day and attracts new celebrities.

It’s news these days that’s about 65,000 unionized actors Sag Aftra and 11,500 screenwriters writers guild of america, who ask for certainty regarding better remuneration and protection of their image due to the use of artificial intelligence have also joined Brad Pitt. Actor, busy filming a Formula 1 movie Apex, Directed by Joseph Kosinski, produced by Lewis Hamilton. stopped filming what should have taken place during the last two Grand Prix precisely out of solidarity with the demonstrators.

Emmy Awards are’The TV equivalent of the Oscars and highly anticipated in the United States. DevelopedAcademy of Television Arts and Sciences and first created in 1949. they were almost never put off. The last time was in 2001when the September 11 attacks led to suspension and subsequent planning in November of that year.

In anticipation of knowing when this year’s ceremony will take place and getting to know the winners, the nominations were announced a few weeks ago, almost exclusively for the series. Legacy, The Last of Us, White Lotus AND Ted Lasso, ready to stock up on figurines, which may also be in the hands of the Italians. In fact, there are also Italian actresses. Sabrina Impactatore AND Simon Tabasco for the series White Lotus.

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