Stroller life user in the home, Instagram Release-features-Video-Chat –

211 world before the financial crisis, the outbreak of the corona virus. A way to prevent the spread of the virus that is living in the house and practice social distancing. To help these two ways to alleviate the burden on health workers and hospitals.

The challenges faced by the people living in the home, boredom, and restlessness. Especially because you usually day with your friends. Overcome boredom announced that Instagram, a video chat function. Features it is designed in such a way that they encourage the user to stay at home but still socialize with your friends.

“Helping people stay in touch, we again have a media-sharing, a new feature that allow you view posts, Instagram with your friends via video chat. You reported a video chat by tapping the video icon on the chat post, Instagram wrote input Directly or via the thread-Direct existing, and viewing photos/videos, dilike and fall by touching the photo icon in the lower-left corner when the video chat is taking place”, from UbergizmoTuesday (24/3).

This function is a new function. Previously, Facebook together Together released a similar feature called ” Watch, which will allow users to see the videos. Recently, there are also Chrome extensions allow for a new, similar features enjoyed on Netflix. Users were able to see Netflix movies and Chats with functions.

Editor : Ranu Ario