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Stronghold Crusader PC Game Download Full Version

Stronghold Crusader is a game known in Poland under the title Twierdza Krzyżowiec. Stronghold Crusader is a game that is a continuation of a hit released several years earlier, exactly in 2001. The real-time strategy, created by the development team of FireFly studio, this time takes us to the Middle East. The game takes place during the Crusades, so it is a real treat not only for fans of real-time strategy games but also for history lovers. Available here: Stronghold Crusader Download. Click, download, and travel to the times of the Crusades

Stronghold Crusader PC Game Download Full Version

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Stronghold Crusader is known as a fortress simulator. This statement is fully consistent with reality, because the player can build his fortress from scratch, take care of its inhabitants and the soldiers living in it, providing them with food or water. Satisfying the basic needs of the inhabitants and recruiting an army are, however, only a small part of the tasks facing the player. The most important tasks, however, are to defend the fortress and repel enemy attacks.

In the game, we can choose one of four campaigns, which is very important, they can be campaigns led by European troops as well as campaigns led by Arab warriors led by Salladin. Compared to the previous part of this great game, you can notice new units, including horse archers and grenadiers. Another novelty in the game is the topic of water, or rather the lack of it, which complicates the management of the fortress and quite often gives us new tasks, because water is the basic need of the inhabitants and should be met first.

Trailer – Stronghold Crusader

The advantage of the game is not only excellent gameplay, but also many options for choosing siege machines and defensive means of defense. There are over 25 combat units in the game, defensive means of defense, including a wide selection of walls of different thickness, and wolf holes are also available. An interesting defensive measure of defense is also boiling oil. Among the siege machines that can be selected by the player, you can find such interesting and effective machines as ballista towers, trebuchets and mangonels. The editor is also a great advantage, as it allows you to create your own game scenarios. You can play alone, but this is not the only option. It is also possible to play in a multiplayer option. Up to eight players connected with a local network or simply the Internet can participate in the game.

The game is described as one of the best strategies of its kind and you should agree with it, because it provides many opportunities to play and many hours of interesting entertainment. It is worth downloading this game and see what life was like years ago, and build and develop your own fortress. You don’t need to search for this fantastic game. Click Stronghold Crusader Download and have it on your computer in a few moments. Suggested hardware requirements are Pentium III 500 Mhz processor, 128 MB RAM.

Stronghold Crusader PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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