Stuck in London after Harry Styles’ concert, the misadventure of a Neapolitan family

Stranded in the UK due to strikes and flight cancellations, a Neapolitan family tests patience and thrift.

three day family holiday and concert, harry styles, in London. But that hit and run has become a mini odyssey with a huge expenditure of energy and money. Neapolitan engineer Gianni explains it on Facebook. Stranded with family at London’s Gatwick airport: He was due to return on Sunday but is still in the UK.

He explains himself on social media:

EasyJet informed us that the flight was two hours late. When we reached the airport, we learned that it had been cancelled.

The ground staff informs us that there is a process to be done through their app wherein the cancellation is managed along with the booking of a new flight. The only problem: The first serviceable flight was for next Wednesday with a 6-hour stopover in Amsterdam and subsequent departure for Naples.

Mishap may happen. And so Giani finds a flight for today, Tuesday the 20th. But today is a black day for air transport as there is an international strike. Hence the flight is cancelled. And you can’t rebook. Not only that: all EasyJet flights to Naples are full as of Friday, as are hotels near the airport as more flights are canceled and many passengers in the same situation.

He enters the Central Funicular armed with a billhook and terrorises passengers, reported as 51-year-old

Therefore, there is no point of return and for now the Neapolitan family estimates the cost of relocation and accommodation in an apartment in the city of Crawley: «At the moment, another 330 euros for one night in a hotel – Gianni ends bitterly Happens but irony – . And our underwear is over too…».

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