Stuck in the city? Here are five movies to watch on August 15th.

Big cities are emptying, highways are turning into jungles of burning metal, beaches are turning intohappy oasis where to find relaxation and fun under the sun. Summer comes to mind with august day where people traditionally celebrate with barbecues by the sea, parties that last until the morning, and more. This day, over time, somewhat lost its Christian meaning, rooted in ancient Rome, becoming only appropriate for celebrating a birthday.‘summer which reaches its climax. August 15 has been celebrated several times, both in cinema and on television with movie and series dedicated to summer, summer holidays, sun, sea and fun. But that’s not all, during this time so many films (comedy, action films, etc.) have passed through our screens that are ideally combined with the idea of ​​​​summer and which today could be seen (and seen again) during the celebration of 15 August. Of these, we have chosen five – between movie Italians and foreigners – who, in our opinion, can be one Valid Alternative grilled on August 15, or a succulent appetizer waiting (and in plain sight) for a good night.

August holidays: get to know the Italian summer

Third movie Directed by Paolo Virzi and the first real commercial (and critical) success for an Italian director. Released in cinemas in 1994, the film is set in the magnificent setting of Ventotene, where two families – an intellectual from bourgeois Rome and a brawler from the suburbs – collide in a hot summer. Incipit to tell all the nuances of our society in a distant era, but close to the present. With Silvio Orlando as Sandro Molino, journalist/philosopher, Ennio Fantasticini as Ruggiero, and featuring, among others, Sabrina Ferilli, Auguste Feri directs italian history made of shrewd and intelligent laughter at the service of an ordinary but impressive story. So successful that today the film has become a real cult. Filming for the sequel has been going on for months now, still in Ventotene, still under Virzi’s safe hand.. august holidays you can find it streaming on Tim Vision.

Bullet Train: an adventure full of adrenaline.

Despite the fact that Brad Pitt is already sixty, he remainsactor more versatile than modern cinema. It varied across genres, giving audiences unforgettable interpretations. On an August night, we recommend (re)vision bullet trains, the 2022 film that dominated the box office last season. Screen adaptation of the 2010 novel. The Seven Assassins of the Shinkansen written by Kotaro Isaka, the story centers on the crazy and hilarious journey of Ladyburgh, who has a mission to take a train from Tokyo to Kyoto to steal mysterious briefcase. The mission turns into something else when Ladyburgh has to defend against a strange couple killers and a man willing to do anything to get that briefcase. Combining light-hearted action with caustic irony, Bullet Train is definitely one of the weirdest films to hit theaters in recent years. But people like it for that very reason, because it’s fun and entertaining. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is also dating Brad Pitt. It’s in broadcast and you can find it now.

Stunned by an Uncommon Fate: Relive an Eternal Love Story

What can be said about the historian movie, dated 1974, directed by the mythical (and legendary) Lina Wertmüller? Most. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime Video today, but it was work yesterday The most successful recently deceased famous director who launched the figures of Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato into the sky. Film about‘Love and in all its nuances, in which drama and comedy are flawlessly combined. Distributed by Medusa Film on December 13, 1974, it was one of the largest collections in Italy for the 1974-75 film season, placing fifth in the season. Madonna’s ex-husband also tried to make a remake of the film, taking on the role of Giannini Ma’s son. Struck by an unusual fate it didn’t have the same magic.

Don’t Look Up: Funny End of the World

It was released in theaters in 2021 when the pandemic crisis was still ongoing, but Adam McKay’s film was success unprecedented, because he ironically (unconsciously) re-read all the fears, delusions and problems of our time. At the center of the plot is asteroid discovery which is about to hit the Earth with all its consequences to convince the skeptics and less skeptics to save the population before it’s too late. The astronomical impact described in movie is an allegory global warming and the film is a satire on the indifference of governments and the media to the emergency. Of course Don’t look up summarizes everything that happened in Italy and in the world during the Covid era, between anti-constitutional decrees, deniers and penalty takers, in a hilarious, satirical and effective mixture. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep as the President of the United States of America.Trumpian” Memory. The film is on Netflix.

It was the hand of God: to know the soul of Naples

We already knew that Paolo Sorrentino was an aesthete, but the fact that he was a director who could tell part of our experience was a real revelation. Actually with It was the hand of God, movie Netflix available for streaming to let the public discover a new side of the Italian director (and appreciate them abroad). With a simple, honest, but very memorable trait, Sorrentino told Italy in the 80s with his customs and customs, and told Naples, heart and belly, the truth, real and sincere, and he did this with a human, intimate and personal history full of sui generis characters. A very successful film among critics and audiences, which even made it to the Oscars in 2022, becoming one of the director’s most appreciated works. The cast includes Toni Servillo, Filippo Scotti, Luisa Ranieri, Massimiliano Gallo and many others.

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