Students hit right and clearly beat Godoy Cruz

On the next play, Estudiantes reacted quickly and with their scorer, Gustavo Del Prete, who at 16 minutes received a ball on the edge of the area, controlled it, advanced it and took a left-footed shot that got into Espíndola’s left angle. he could do nothing before the surprise shot.

As if this were not enough, at 22 minutes, Estudiantes turned it around thanks to the astuteness of Leandro Díaz, who followed a play that seemed to end in nowhere with a long pass from Bautista Kociubinski, first to the centrals of Tomba who were They slept, and he tapped it on the goalkeeper’s exit for the 2 to 1.

After the first minute of play of the complement, Estudiantes almost reached the third from the feet of Nicolás Pasquini, who took a violent shot on the run that Espíndola ended up sending to the corner. In the next one, Del Prete had it entering the area and after a recovered ball, but his shot over the goalkeeper ended up going over the crossbar.

At 24 minutes, Estudiantes reached 3 to 1 again from the feet of Leandro Díaz, who changed a penalty that he was awarded after getting into the area and being knocked down by Espíndola, on goal, with a strong shot, measured and at means to celebrate his second double in a row.

Thus came the end of a match for Estudiantes who wins again for the second time in a row, reaches 4 matches in a row without knowing defeat and accumulates 57 points in the annual table thinking about the fight to enter the Copa Libertadores where he continues to recover ground .




Juan Espínola; Elías López, Guillermo Ortiz, Leonel González and Damián Pérez; Valentín Burgoa, Bruno Laws, Nelson Acevedo and Gonzalo Abrego; Tomás Badaloni and Martín Ojeda. DT: DT: Diego Flores.


Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Fabián Noguera, Agustín Rogel and Matías Aguirregaray; Matías Pellegrini, Fernando Zuqui, Bautista Kociubinski and Nicolás Pasquini; Gustavo Del Prete and Leandro Díaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Goals: PT: 12 ‘Martín Ojeda (Godoy Cruz), 16’ Gustavo Del Prete (Students) and 22 ‘Leandro Díaz (Students). ST: 24 ‘Leandro Díaz from penalty (Students).

Changes: PT: 27 ‘Néstor Breintenbruch x Elías López (Godoy Cruz). ST: 15 ‘Matías Ramírez, Matías González and Cristian Colman x Valentín Burgoa, Tomás Badaloni and Gonzalo Abrego (Godoy Cruz), 17’ Manuel Castro x Matías Pellegrini (Students), 34 ‘Jaime Ayoví and Juan Manuel Sánchez Miño x Gustavo Del Prete and Nicolás Pasquini (Students), 38 ‘Nicolás Sánchez x Bruno Leyes (Godoy Cruz) and 43’ Francisco Apaolaza x Leandro Díaz (Students).

Admonished: PT: 9 ‘Leonel González (Godoy Cruz). ST: 26 ‘Bautista Kociubinski (Students), 35’ Néstor Breintenbruch (Godoy Cruz), 38 ‘Nicolás Sánchez (Godoy Cruz) and 43’ Leonardo Godoy (Students).

Referee: Nazareno Arasa.

Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas.

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