Students of medicine, without weapons before COVID-19



Between three and four thousand medical students have been exposed to the coronavirus at the hospitals where they work.

After the UNAM and the IPN withdrew to almost two thousand 500 internal risks of contagion, the Assembly Mexican Medical Interns and Undergraduate estimated that there are still two thousand young people that fight the pandemic without proper equipment or proper protocols.

In an interview with Excélsior, Francisco Gómez Zapata, representative of the assembly, demanded the total withdrawal of 15 thousand inmates in the country. It is young people in medical training, between 23 and 26 years, who receive from 700 to 500 thousand pesos bi-weekly as scholarship.

Until now they have reports of ten young inmates who are isolated for having been in contact without the proper protection, with patients suffering from coronavirus.

Yesterday, in institutions such as the public universities of Baja California, Sinaloa, Yucatán, Nuevo León and Zacatecas, in addition to private as La Salle and Anahuac, and the Tec, they decided to withdraw their inmates from undergraduate institutions in the health sector to ensure their safety.

Eight other universities follow the steps of the UNAM and the IPN, and retire to their students in the hospitals

The Assembly Mexican Medical Interns and Undergraduate estimated that between 3 thousand and 4 thousand medical interns have been exposed in hospitals COVID-19.

Despite the fact that, in an unprecedented action, the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM withdrew on Monday its thousand 55 internal 76 public hospitals, by the non-existent guarantee of security for their students, and the IPN did the same with his thousand 407 students of medicine and nursing, rotating through clinics and hospitals, the Assembly Mexican Medical Interns and Undergraduate believed that further 2 thousand young inmates are exposed and without protection material in areas, in which there should be.

In an interview with Excélsior, Francisco Gómez Zapata, representative of the Assembly, demanded the removal of a total of around 15 thousand inmates in the country, young people in medical training that hover between 23 and 26 years of age and that, if they will, receive between 700 and a thousand 500 pesos bi-weekly for the scholarship.

This Tuesday, a variety of institutions of higher education as the Autonomous University of Baja California, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Autonomous University of Yucatan, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, de La Salle, Universidad Anahuac Tamaulipas and Mexico City and the Tecnológico de Monterrey also decided to withdraw their inmates from undergraduate institutions in the health sector to ensure their safety.

But there are still many classmates who are exposed to areas triages (severity rating); we also have peers that remain in the areas of emergency, remain in spaces on an outpatient basis, where they still have patients with COVID-19, there are inmates who go to isolated areas without adequate protection, or with adequate protection also, but in theory it should not be allowed and this is due to the lack of staff, because we are the cheapest labor in the health sector, because if we didn’t exist the inmates, the health system would be fallen,” warned Gomez Zapata.

Obligation to work in critical areas and risk areas of the emergency department with a lack of gloves, face cloths and dressing gowns are part of the irregularities which the internal across the country recount and now the Assembly gathers in a database.

Until now, they have the report of 10 inmates who are isolated for having been in contact with patients with COVID-19 without protection.

Phase 3 is going to get so imminent and at that point, if the phase 3 we still continue with medical interns in hospitals not only we would be exposing these medical interns, we would also be exposing the general population to increased risk of infection, that’s why you have to remove all already,” warned Antonio Aguirre, spokesman of the Assembly.

For Jürgen Adam Sanchez, national president of the Mexican Association of Doctors in Training, it is urgent that the Secretariat of Health, but also the Secretariat of Public Education, to take extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of inmates.

Before this we heard many comments to tell us ‘no, well, what about your vocation?’, but what we have seen is a vocation, for more than we want to, we will not protect you from catching a infection and even death. Although we have not reported any internal doctor infected with COVID-19, we have a medical report in Tamaulipas, is an internal medical undergraduate who has atypical pneumonia, has still not been confirmed if it’s coronavirus or not, though it will not be surprising that a medical intern is undertaking with the disease, as we are seeing that the rate of infection within the health care workers in Mexico is outpacing many other countries,” he said.


Paola, an inmate of a public hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora, —to whom the name was changed to protect his identity— is found in isolation, after she had contact with a patient with coronavirus.

The student of the university of Sonora feels bothered by the neglect who have had the health authorities, as well as those of your University to protect the inmates.

I was in contact with this patient when I went to ask for a plate chest, had no more protection that a mask of the delgaditos and as it turns out, yes he was tested positive to coronavirus, and was very close to her; so I was isolated at home for 5 days, and the truth is that yes I am very upset because you are not interested in our safety, I’m worried not for myself, but because I have family members with chronic illnesses who are vulnerable,” he said.

I am in good health, but it is very difficult and very annoying to be in this situation and without the need of it. If you are interested in even part way to our well-being to our university that has been conspicuous by its absence, or the hospital, would not pass this. It is not that we do not have a vocation, because then also with that want to attack us, is that if you give us the protection we would be without thinking”, he added.


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