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style keys to copy to the most ‘fashion’ of the Klan

We have no doubt that Kendall Jenner (25) she is the most stylish sister of the Kardashian clan. And it doesn’t just have to do with her being a ‘top model’ (the eldest of the Jenners has entered the top 5 highest paid models in the world), which too. The truth is that Kendall sets trends whether or not he is on the catwalks.

The model is one of the favorite objtivos of the paparazzi for the great variety of look that seneña. And, also for this reason, fashion magazines are able to fill pages and pages and content talking about the style of the model.

It’s not hard to find inspiration in her, but to make it easier for you, we’ve made a compilation of some of her looks to summarize, with and through them, what they are. the keys that characterize his style and that, in this way, you can copy it.

‘Oversize’ garments

Oversize garments are a very sophisticated way to give our looks a touch of ‘casual’ style. It is also one of the favorite formulas of the top model to elevate their looks. All it takes is straight pants, a top and an oversize cláisca white shirt to assemble a look of authentic ‘top model’. Of course, to give it the air ‘Kendall Jenner’, you will have to add some sunglasses. You know, to hide from the paparazzi.

A vinyl pants can combine with everything

There are many occasions when the ‘top model’ and ‘influencer’ has chosen to wear vinyl garments. This type of pants, jackets and tops are very flattering since they stylize the figure a lot and allow you to wear a sexy and rebellious look. It is perhaps for this reason that they are one of the types of fabric that most abound in the wardrobe of the largest of the Jenners.

‘Crop top’ and jeans

It’s one of Kendall Jenner’s star combinations. Rare is the time that the model does not wear a look of scandal when she combines jeans ‘mom fit’ or ‘baggy’ with a short top with which to show off her abs. This ‘outfit’ is also one of those that you must wear on all those occasions when you want to enhance your figure. We don’t say it ourselves, Kendall says it.

Monocolor looks

For this occasion, a ‘shooting’ accompanied by her beloved Doberman, Kendall chose a very stylish monocolor look in black. You know, the ‘total black’ that always triumphs and that, of course, handles the model so well.

But on many other occasions, the model has chosen monocolor outfits in other shades, such as white.

If you are one of those who thinks that an ‘outfit’ in a single color is boring, we hope that after these brushstrokes of inspiration you have changed your mind. With the right accessories in the right doses, the monocolor looks are a great success.

Yes to prints

The ‘animal print’ are prints widely used by the model. On this occasion, he chose a top set with halter neckline and zebra-stamped trousers, a very successful set that he finished completing with a low bun. This is the kind of ‘outfit ‘made in Kendall Jenner’ that should serve as inspiration for all those nights you want to sweep.

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