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He received us with a clean face and wearing overalls and a T-shirt Paula Erin Before taking a photo with SEMANA. In greeting, she hugged warmly like a friend. It was a hot September afternoon and he was holding a piece of fruit in his hand.

Denis Aguilera

Denis Aguilera, “When you tidy up your house, you tidy up your interior”

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From his appearance and body language there is no doubt what his life revolves around healthy. But here’s a bonus: When you express yourself, you’ll feel confident in your self-love.

As she lets herself get involved in photo editing, she shows us the looks that make up her style. she looks like a real womanThe 51-year-old dresses with confidence and looks her best. This explains why her followers identify with this new way of looking at the practice.

She has been involved in the world of sports since giving birth to her first daughter. He gained 60 pounds Regardless, her goal is to lose weight again. “At the time, health didn’t have much to do with aesthetic issues. The aim was to bring diet into the canon. Which one? Victoria’s Secret model sizes,” he recalls.

This made it difficult for him to maintain a negative relationship with food, but over time and as the message spread, he was able to transition his body into healthier habits. “Fitness transformed and I was hooked.” He decided to get certified Fitness coach and health coaches and be encouraged to work on helping more women.

Mariela Rojas

Mariela Rojas “You have to lose to win.”

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This in turn changed her image and she started to make a name for herself on Instagram, distinguishing herself from others due to her naturalness. There are no filters or embellishments in his posts because he knows the bias against perfect bodies is old school. “Fitness has become a tool to enjoy a good life…it makes me feel energetic and good about myself. If you ask me about image, today I feel confident wearing what I want.”

  • Dressing comes from self-love

Her wardrobe isn’t just about crop tops and leggings. She admits she loves trends. “I am a modern mother, but I have a limit. “I don’t dress to show off my body,” he said, referring to very short clothing. Faced with the dilemma of standing in front of her closet getting her look sorted, she says the key is to be condescending to herself. “Self-love has a lot to do with it. It happens when you’re not at your best. When you see gray hair, cellulite, when your skin isn’t smooth enough, or when you’re standing When you’re on the scale and it doesn’t show the number you want. However, if you know you’re glowing from the inside out, nothing else matters.” She sparkled.

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this tone The one you choose also suits your personality. “I love bright colors, it resonates with me.” This is evident every time he performs his set on stage in front of a large audience.

But at a meeting or event, show off your fashionista side. She is able to boldly wear anything from full denim to elegant dresses. “There is never a shortage of clothes made in Ecuador and I support them very much local designer“, he added. Among the things he mentioned Stay healthy, Nahm, Kate Griffith and more.

Also joined the trend Environmentally friendly. “I’m a trapper,” she admits with a laugh. “If I have clothes that I don’t wear, I take them to a tailor to have them altered.” Then, apply the 3Rs: Reuse, Recycle, Redesign. Donating money is also a habit as part of the same environmental practice.

I’m very organic in every way., from what I consume for health, to what I wear. For example, I love the super comfortable look of organic cotton. Today, at 51, I prefer feeling good rather than looking good. I think that’s expected,” he concluded.

  1. Guayaquil, 51.
  2. Wife and mother.
  3. Senior fitness instructor in group classes.
  4. Health Coach and Fitness Coach (Women).

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