SubDivX, a legendary subtitle site, closes | The community platform will stop working at the end of the year

The story of one of the most widely used Spanish subtitle sites all over the world comes to an end. The popular SubDivX will close at the end of 2021, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

“Hello friends. Nobody likes to give bad news, but unfortunately I have to inform you that at the end of the year, we will close the site definitively. I would like to be able to keep Subdivx open for another thousand years, but it can’t be, “they published from the site’s administration.

And they added: “The owners of the rights do not give up, and let’s face it, in the end they always win. Download the subs while you can. Thanks to all the creators for the stamina, it was nice while it lasted... “.

As it transpired, the German company Comeso is the one that manages the copyright protection for third parties and has a long-standing lawsuit with Subdivx. Recently, he threatened the hosting company where the site is stored, eStruxture.

For them the subtitles are copyrighted, and they have been chasing us with that for years.; Nothing ever happened to the hostings in Canada, but now they obviously got tired. A while ago I received an email from the current hosting, saying that they are canceling us at the end of the year and the truth is that I no longer have the energy to upload the site to a new one ”, said the founder of Subdivx, known online as Deif, after the news was made public.

The closure of SubDivX will leave many users in search of a new alternative to download subtitles for movies or series that do not have them.

Community site

Born in 2002, the portal has functioned primarily as a community site. It was sustained thanks to the work of people who voluntarily created captions and made them available to others.

This practice was very useful and not only in the case of films, but also for series that in Latin America arrived with a certain lag, but that thanks to the community had their subtitles in a few hours once the first copies of the video file appeared on the internet .

Somehow, SubDivX is also one of the last vestiges of the internet from the beginning of the millennium. Not only because the interface was never modernized, but because of the advent of streaming services that eliminated – in part – the need for community-created subtitles and translations.

At its peak of popularity, in 2008, it had 200,000 visits a day. Today it has about 40,000, according to Deif, who clarified that the cost of maintaining the site is one of the reasons to close the website permanently and without going back.

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