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Jorge Gomez Naredo

Santiago Creel has always wanted to govern something, but it just never came to fruition. His political career has been more dark than bright. When he started his political career, he presented himself as a very civil man, agnostic to political parties. That’s why he served as a consultant to the Federal Electoral College from 1944 to 1996. But he soon became a member of the National Action Party.

In 1997, he was elected to the Federal House of Representatives in multiple titles, that is, he did not win an election to hold the office. In 2000, he ran for head of government of the Federal District. People are excited about the possibility of the PRI losing the presidency for the first time. Creel tried to capitalize on the “Fox Effect” to nearly tie Andres Manuel López Obrador, but it wasn’t enough: he finished second.

Although he lost the election, it didn’t hurt him because Vincent Fox appointed him Secretary of the Interior as he served almost the entirety of his six-year term. He resigned to run for the National Action Party’s election for the presidency of the republic. His rival is Felipe Calderon.

Everyone thought Creel would win the nomination. He used his position to promote himself and even won the support of the network, which he had awarded a contract to open a casino days before resigning. But despite this, he lost.

They awarded him the Senate seat as a consolation prize. In 2021, he will once again become a member of the Federal House of Representatives through the multi-person route. This year he wanted to be the pan-revolutionary party-pearl delta presidential candidate for the republic, but they didn’t let him. Now the rulers of these parties (not necessarily their president) have elected Xochitel Galvez.

Santiago, while refusing to resign, was under a lot of pressure. Last Monday, he finally backed down. Their wish is over. Part of it was his political career. He wants to win an election eventually, which he thinks will be presidential, but he can’t even win a candidacy. Today he failed, especially humiliated. That’s how they are in the PAN.

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