Substantive trial against Alexis Medina in Antipulpo case postponed for fourth time – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

Santo Domingo – For the third time, the Second Collegiate Court of the National District postponed the substantive trial of Alexis Medina, brother of former President Danilo Medina, who is suspected of assassinating The main defendant in the Tipulpo administrative corruption scheme.

Magistrates Clariber Nivar Clara Castillo and Jisell Soto decided to postpone the hearing until 9:00 a.m. on September 25 because lawyer Luis Peña, the legal representative of several companies involved in the case, has health problems, a fact he has verified with the court. Medical license given to the court.

The Ministry of Public Health (MP) did not object to the postponement but said it was ready to start judicial proceedings.

The reason for the suspension of the last hearing was the intention of the accused Libni Arodi Valenzuela Matos, with the assistance of a public defender, to appoint a lawyer to represent her company, which appeared as a defendant in the process. Today she expressed her willingness to stand trial.

The second suspension came after the defendant, Alexis Medina, appeared in court with health problems with his vision, allegedly suffering from conjunctivitis.

The postponement of the first trial was due to the absence of one of the defense lawyers, as well as discussions about some of the events and a request by the Public Ministry to sanction the absent lawyer.

In addition to Medina, there are 19 other defendants in the case, who are accused of colluding with criminals and embezzling more than 5 billion pesos in state funds.

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