Subtle yet sexy – it even matches the carpet…because elegant champagne was the toast of the Oscars

Jamie Lee Curtis may have worked in Hollywood for over 45 years, but last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was definitely the biggest night of his life.

It was the 64-year-old’s first time being nominated for an Academy Award, for her supporting role in Everything Everywhere Every Time. Knowing the spotlight would be on her, did the star choose a gown that screamed, “Look at me, I’m beautiful”?

not exactly. She was happy to socialize. Her crystal-embellished Dolce & Gabbana gown came in the soft shade of champagne and was a perfect match. . . the carpet! It’s the first time the Oscars have chosen a “soft” shade of champagne instead of the usual red.

Sparkling glory: Jamie Lee Curtis from Dolce & Gabbana
A modern touch: Florence Beau in a Valentino Haute Couture dress
Naomi Campbell in Schiaparelli
Cara Delevingne wearing a Del Core dress at the Vanity Fair after party

The temptation for the stars to appear against this tranquil background with bright cheerful colors must have been great. Luckily, the biggest stars of the night didn’t do such a thing (most of them, at least). Surprisingly, Jamie Lee wasn’t alone. From Florence Beau in Valentino to Naomi Watts in Givenchy, the stage has been flooded with this hue.

As simple as it sounds, has anyone dressed more simply or elegantly than actress Rooney Mara in the Alexander McQueen classic? —Champagne as a high maintenance color. Think of it as a modest splurge, because the color of Champagne quite literally calls for a bubbly lifestyle—one free of dirt, toddlers, and alcohol stains.

It also draws attention to the figure of the wearer. But by adding texture and embellishments like metallic sequins worn by Schiaparelli’s Naomi Campbell, or pulling fabric as seen on Helena Christensen, there’s always a way around this.

The champagne allows the wearer to be sexy without teetering on trash, providing, shall we say, a soft backdrop for dressing up with Zoe Saldana and Cara Delevingne, which proves the point well.

Olivia Wilde as Gabriela Hearst
Emily Ratajkowski at VIPN
Cara Delevingne arrives at party in Elie Saab
Lady Gaga in Versace

Granted, it’s not a color that’s going to dazzle a photographer looking at it, so there’s a risk that wearers of this muted hue might go unnoticed, which may explain why it’s a pick of the biggest stars at the Oscars. These were women who understood power less than more; Who can let their talent shine.

This color also allows the wearer to speak. As Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh said, “Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you you’re past your prime.”

Now there is something we can all raise our glasses to.

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