Success for Maluma at Arena Flegria

Brutal Arrives In Naples: Success For Maluma At Arena Flagria (Maluma08 300x200)it’s night in naples MalumaReference to the Latin star comes to inflame the Arena Phlegria Cruel, the format that ended in Ibiza. The Colombian artist has returned to the Neapolitan city 6 years after last being in Palapartenope. At that time he said: “I love Naples and Italy. I hope to return as soon as possible to your land that has stolen my heart. You are incredible people and live in a beautiful land. For these reasons I decided to spend a few hours in and around the city., at that time already freed all his Neapolitan fans. So today he once again showed his love for Naples by wearing a Naples shirt during the show, enthralling the 6000 people at the Arena Flagrea.

The Colombian singer, with approximately 35 million monthly listeners, is the artist who contributed to the explosion of reggaeton and Brutal Arrives In Naples: Success For Maluma At Arena Flagria (Maluma03 300x200)The Latin wave that has conquered the world in recent years has brought together artists such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, some sonorities never reached before, as well as a thorough investment in the North American market. It also boasts international collaborations such as Ricky Martin, Shakira, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

He is the most followed Latino male artist on social media with over 25 million Facebook fans, 8 million Twitter followers, and 62 million Instagram followers. Winner of a Latin Grammy, he has sold over 18 million copies of singles and albums worldwide, establishing himself as one of the leading names in Latin American, reggaeton and urban music. He is the youngest artist to simultaneously #1 and #2 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart, which has seen him conquer the top 21 times. His YouTube/VEVO channel has garnered over 9 billion views and over 28 million subscribers, earning him the YouTube Diamond Play Button Award.

Together maluma world tour Has achieved more success than any other Latin artist, selling over 1 million tickets at 105 concerts worldwide.

she is the evening star CruelA format that establishes an osmosis from the wild nature of Ibiza to the volcanic fires of Vesuvius and which this year has landed for the first time in Naples (from ibiza to naples, The artists started the program Baby K, Fred DePalma and Chimbala,

Brutal Arrives In Naples: Success For Maluma At Arena Flagrea (Maluma04 300x200)Baby’sAccompanied by an all-female dance troupe, enthralls the Arena Flagrea with their most famous hits, opening Rome-Bangkok, zero to hundred, I wanna dance with you, playa, a I will never change. immediately after Fred DePalma, accompanied by a respectable corps de ballet, gets the whole arena dancing to their most famous hits. Maluma’s show is closed by the Dominican Chimbalawhich turns the audience into a Latin dancefloor.

Maluma’s show ended with a show of lights and fire and scenery worthy of an artist of his level – in the center of the stage is a large pitbull with diamonds for eyes, portraying his trusty friend ‘Buda’, whom Contemporary designed by artist Joseph Klibansky – jump-starts with three consecutive song performances: Coco Loco (a revolutionary quote from ”veridis quoFrench’s Daft Punk, airy (performed in duet with audience) e Corazon.

Brutal Arrives In Naples: Success For Maluma At Arena Flagria (Maluma07 300x200)The show continues until the end of the evening with the following songs: 11 o’clock, HP, Hola Senorita, Felices los 4 (world hit), La Formula, Sobrio, Borro Cassette, Vente Pa’ Ca (Ricky Martin cover), Chantaje (Shakira and Maluma cover), Mala Mia, 4 children.

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