Success program #DiRumahAja, Epic Games Store-release World war Z Free


THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE Today, people around the world are encouraged to remain inside their homes and do the insulation yourself.

This is due to the outbreak of the corona virus is still continue to occur and spread in all corners of the world.

The game is very needed to fill the free time. Because of this, a game publisher by the name of Epic Games Store, your games for free.

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Game World war Z is adapted from the movie of the same title, which was released in the year 2013 with the actor-Brad Pitt, a free game provided by Epic Games Store.

The game give co-op and multiplayer shooter was released on April 16, 2019.


As well as the game 4 Dead Left, the game has a plot, when the whole world already besieged by the attacks of so many zombies.

The game can be played with 4 players to a mission with certain tasks.

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Zombified slaves also have Special Ability (Special skills) how can run fast, has a great body, and no one can attack from a distance.