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As part of an effort to improve health services in the province of Trujillo, Cesar Acuña, Governor of La Libertad, The medical team at the Jerusalem Hospital in the La Esperanza district successfully performed a blood transfusion, giving an eighty-year-old man suffering from severe anemia in the Manuel Arevalo district a new chance at life. This achievement is all the more significant considering that the Jerusalem Hospital Blood Bank only opened in May this year.

The patient’s family emphasized the efficiency and speed of the operation, which was completed within a few hours and did not require seeking help from other institutions.The medical practice has been Consultant Trujillo Cristina Mendes, He highlighted the operation of blood banks, providing services to patients who need them at any time.

“I want to emphasize the importance of having a blood bank in La Esperanza to care for patients throughout the province of Trujillo. In addition, we invite all our neighbors to donate blood and continue to save lives”, emphasize.

he also participated Dr. David Gutierrez, Executive Director, Trujillo Health NetworkHe highlighted that La Libertad has 23 Type I blood banks in public and private healthcare institutions, including the Type IA blood bank of the Jerusalem Hospital.

“This is one of the success stories of Jerusalem Hospital and its multidisciplinary team. As the Trujillo Health Network, following the directives of the District Governor, we prioritize health and we are strengthening our services to benefit the Province of Trujillo more people.” Express.

this Clinical Pathologist Caty SáenzThe head of the Jerusalem Hospital Blood Bank emphasized the importance of donating blood, which is why she announced an event on August 24 in Senati, La Esperanza district. Saenz stressed that donating blood does not pose a health risk. For example, an adult has about 5 liters of blood in his body, but only about 450 cubic centimeters are drawn for transfusion.

In blood banks, as many as eight diseases are ruled out before donated blood is used, the most prevalent of which are HIV/AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B, and anemia. In Peru, where only 1% of the population donates blood, more than 500,000 units are needed to meet current demand.

So donate if you can. Every donation can change the world, and as the Hope Hospital of Jerusalem proves, it can even save lives.

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