Successful health day in Querétaro benefits hundreds

Queretaro, August 21, 2023. – The Minister of Health of the State of Querétaro organized a health day in the community of El Tintero, where more than 300 people were treated.

In this initiative, various health services are provided in partnership with the First Health Jurisdiction and the LX State Legislature.

In the installed modules, cases of hypertension, diabetes, overweight and obesity were detected and 25 people were provided with counseling services for the prevention of these diseases.

In addition, 24 mothers received nutrition guidance and balanced nutrition training to correct malnutrition and prevent obesity and overweight.

Cervical and breast cancer screening tests were launched, benefiting 12 women each. In addition, 10 mammogram appointments were provided for women over the age of 40.

Information on contraceptive methods was also provided, 350 male condoms were distributed to women of childbearing age to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STIs, and folic acid was distributed to women of childbearing age.

Rapid HIV and syphilis tests were performed on 10 people, lectures on STIs and proper condom use were given, and 200 condoms and information leaflets on HIV and Hepatitis C were distributed.

In the area of ​​oral health, dental professionals provided care to 45 people with plaque control, brushing techniques, flossing and oral health coaching. In addition, 228 toothbrush and toothpaste kits were delivered.

Instructions were provided on proper hydration, prevention of diarrheal disease, deworming, and proper use of oral electrolytes, and oral electrolyte bags and albendazole vials were distributed.

During the mental health module, assessment tools were applied and seven people were referred for specialized care.

In the vaccination module, 87 dogs and 4 cats were vaccinated against rabies according to the recommended protocol for the prevention of rabies in pets.

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