Such As, What Are The Specs Of The Playstation 5? Let us Be heard


SONY finally, the specifications and details of the hardware of the PlayStation 5 is revealed. A new console is planned for the upcoming season. For example, what kind of data?

Start The Verge, PS5 is CP AMD Zen 2 eight-core, Clocked at 3.5 GHz (the frequency variable) is displayed. Not only that, this console will be equipped with a dedicated GPU is based on the hardware architecture of the RDNA-promising, what is 10.28 teraflops and 36 units of a computer that recorded at 2.23 GHz (the frequency variable).

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PS5 has also promised a GDDR6 RAM 16 GB and SSD 825GB previously offered by Sony, the loading time is super fast in gameplaybe. According to Mark Cerny, the lead hardware of the playstation, perhaps the most important of PS5 internal memory of the console is a sloid-state drive.

Specifications table PS5 (photo: Instagram/@tech burn team)

In addition, quote Polygon, in an interview last year, Cerny said that Sony has.building specialized software and connectivity for SSD console that enables a great improvement on the load time and generate the environment of the game

Cerny also confirm drive with a storage capacity of 825 GB on this console is the connection via an interface of PCI Express 4.0.

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For audio problems, and more Cerny, Sony unit to build special hardware for 3D audio with Tempest 3D audio tech. This was for the purpose of certain enterprises with the audio, which, contrary to the solutions that the audio-based object such as Dolby Atmos.

PS5 will have 3D -, audio – (photo: Microsoft/Garret Morrow)

3D-Audio PS5 will be available to all users. Not only for those who license, use headphones or a sound system with support for standard as well as Dolby Atmos.

Sony has announced a whole lot of technical details about the PlayStation 5 in the last few months. The company is promising new hardware, add support for the game, 8K, and 4K gaming on 120Hz. (nic)

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