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Sudden Crash of Dogecoin Defies Support

Dogecoin has slid towards significant medium-term support and traders will have to decide on their short-term outlook.


The DOGE / USD slid yesterday towards a major medium medium term with a quick dose of momentum to the downside. After essentially breaking the $ 0.30 barrier to the downside yesterday, DOGE / USD quickly saw the $ 0.26 juncture at stake. At the time of writing this article, Dogecoin is around $ 0.25.5 and fast market conditions remain, meaning speculators should be prepared for a volatility additional today. The increased velocity within DOGE / USD should serve as a warning sign for traders. traders, and it is necessary to use decision-making tactics risk.

The $ 0.25 ratio can prove quite important if challenged in the short term. DOGE / USD is currently next to the support levels last seen on August 12, and further erosion towards a “pure” mark of $ 0.25 could indicate that the $ 0.24 level and perhaps lower could appear quite a bit. abrupt. On August 9, the DOGE / USD was traversing $ 0.23 to $ 0.26. It should be noted that on August 5, the DOGE / USD was trading slightly below $ 0.20.

As the DOGE / USD tests the one-month lows, some speculators may believe that the cryptocurrency it has been oversold as a reaction to nervousness displayed within the vast digital marketplace. However, it should be noted that Dogecoin’s downside spike actually started a bit before its major counterparts were hit hard. Meanwhile he graphic of five days shows a gap Dramatic in the market, the sell between $ 0.30 and $ 0.26 was evident early yesterday.

The volumes of trading they were relatively high as DOGE / USD moved lower yesterday. What should make speculative Bulls hesitate before jumping into buy positions is that there has not been a dramatic reversal to the upside, and there’s the fact that Dogecoin never challenged its lush highs seen just a handful of months ago. , this like other major cryptocurrencies have come within walking distance of those highs the last couple of weeks on occasion.

As always, the DOGE / USD remains extremely speculative. This headwind that emerged yesterday cannot be easily shrugged, and further selling pressure could be demonstrated within the cryptocurrency. Speculators who are tempted to sell DOGE / USD should use a stop loss suitable for guarding against sudden pullbacks to the upside. Nonetheless, the DOGE / USD sell seems to be a logical short-term speculative position for traders who have the emotional stamina to bet on more downside price action.

Dogecoin Short-Term Forecast:

  • Current Resistance: 0.26350000
  • Current Support: 0.25020000
  • High Target: 0.27250000
  • Low Target: 0.23240000

DOGE / USD Technical Analysis

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