Suffering from asthma, gastritis and not seeking medical attention: According to his mother, this is an inmate at 11J prison with mental problems

Abel Lázaro Machado Conde, a Cuban, was sentenced to nine years in prison for his participation in anti-government protests in July 2021, is suffering Asthma and gastritis crisis In Maya Baker’s Kivikan Prison, not receiving medical care His mother, Beatriz Conde Mesa, denounced his mother for “not taking medicine” in a video sent by the family to DIARIO DE CUBA.

Conde Mesa recalls his 25-year-old son having mental problems and multiple suicide attempts. The last time it happened was May 8.

The mother lamented that the psychiatric treatment he received at the time was to “hook him with some beads[cuffing his hands and feet behind the back]and lay him on the floor so he wouldn’t try to take his life again. “.

Now, Machado Conde suffers asthma attack in prisonAccording to his mother, she described him as a “chronic, severe asthmatic” who had been attack-free for years.

“When he went to jail, he was hit,” the mother said. “He didn’t have salbutamol spray, they didn’t give him medical attention, they didn’t take him out of the first aid kit, they didn’t take him anywhere.”

The young man also suffered from a “chronic” gastritis crisis, which he suffered from as a child, the mother said.

In jail, they “didn’t give him omeprazole, they didn’t give him ranitidine, nothing. The dog was in pain.”

Last visit was on August 15th, Conde Mesa discovers son has depression, but has yet to see a psychiatrist He also did not receive medication.

If her son dies from an asthma attack or commits suicide while in a depressed state, the mother holds state security and all those involved in her son’s conviction accountable.

“I made it clear on social media that I demand that the prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor’s Office, all those who sanctioned him, the judges, the State SecurityPrison staff, to everyone connected with Abel, from the first person who put him in jail, no matter what happened to Abel,” the mother warned, because “Abel died of an asthma attack and was Depression, Abel tried his life”.

Machado Conde has attempted suicide three times since his imprisonment: Twice in Kivikan prison and once in prison for HIV/AIDS patients”.

Abel Lazaro Machado’s life threatenedno one stopped in front of me to tell me what happened to my son because I didn’t respond,” Conde Mesa sounded the alarm again.

Machado Conde was sentenced to nine years in prison for vandalism and public disorder.

The fifth chapter of the DIARIO DE CUBA series is dedicated to Political Prisoners in Vulnerable Situationsdue to disability or mental health issues.

The young man had a history of mental illness due to brain damage, which was discovered when he was ten years old.

His brother Guillermo Serra told DIARIO DE CUBA that during the protest, Machado Conde entered a store through a broken door and took seven packets of detergent and a tube of ham. This landed him nine years in prison.

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