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‘Suicide Squad 2’: Who is the actor behind Polka Dot Man? – Movie news

He became a popular face of entertainment with ‘The Suicide Squad’ and various MCU appearances, but David Dastmalchian has worked with big-name directors like David Lynch, Dennis Villeneuve, and Christopher Nolan.

In addition to violent sequences and a dark sense of humor, The Suicide Squad handed us the antihero with mommy issues more absurd and funniest than DC but, Who is behind the traumas and unintentional comedy of Polka Dot Man?

The reboot by James Gunn may have been the window to the work of David Dastmalchian for many viewers, but the actor from Kansas, United States, has been the most important secondary of DC and Marvel for just over a decade, an aspect that changed with his role as Polka Dot Man. Despite his popularity today, Dastmalchian landed his first role on the big screen 13 years ago with one of the superhero movies that met and exceeded the expectations of its target audience, Batman: The Dark Knight. .

David Dastmalchian in ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’

Brief but memorable was Dastmalchian’s involvement as part of the Joker’s clown gang, who has a violent encounter with Harvey Dent. The few dialogues in that sequence are the product of Nolan’s decision, because he preferred that the actor say everything through the look in the scene that he shared with the future villain of the film.

“The script said that Harvey would go into the ambulance and question me about Joker. My character had to intimidate him but that didn’t work for me, so I thought ‘what would really scare this guy?’ So I decided to do it. the only thing my character could do was giggle a few giggles … “, Dastmalchian explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

Five years and several projects later, the actor was cast as Bob Taylor in Prisoners, a thriller directed Dennis Villeneuve starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. In the film, David played a man with mental problems who was part of the kidnapping of two young children, one of them the daughter of Jackman’s character. Again with little dialogue and a look that was like looking into the abyss, Dastmalchian left his mark not only on the public but on Villeneuve himself, with whom he worked again for one of the most praised science fiction projects of the last decade: Blade Runner 2049 (2017).


Before his constant participation in projects based on speculative fiction, Dastmalchian showed with Animals (2014) a facet of his life on the big screen that had not been exposed so sincerely. The feature film, whose script is in his charge, tells of the lives of two heroin addicts and is directly inspired by their experiences as an opioid addict several years before turning to acting.

‘Animals’ is inspired by the actor’s experiences

The film won the jury award at the South by Southwest film festival and, in addition, obtained international recognition from specialized critics, who described the project as a look that managed to humanize addiction diseases in the United States. The following year after the premiere, Dastmalchian spoke in public about his experience, during a rally against drug addiction in Kansas, the place that saw him become homeless and criminal in order to maintain his vice.

In my illusion I thought ‘wow, I’m doing very well and I only used heroin on Saturdays, once a week is all I need’. But from time to time there are bad weeks, so you say ‘I always do it on Saturday, but this time I will do it on Wednesday’ and suddenly you are already consuming it daily …

After five years of rehabilitation, Dastmalchian regained control of his life: a room to himself with a not so high rent, jobs, love relationships, etc. When he was trying to cope with his illness to the best of his ability, one of his acquaintances invited him to act in a play and, by miracle or by chance, a casting director came to the presentation.. The rest is history and it started with Batman: The Dark Knight.

‘Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2’: The good and the bad of the outcome of the new DC animated film

Today, David Dastmalchian has fulfilled his dream: working with David Lynch on Twin Peaks and staying close to graphic novels (another of his passions since he was little) with productions like Batman: The Long Halloween, Nolan’s trilogy about the vigilante of the night, Ant-Man and, obviously, with his portrayal of Polka Dot Man, which marks the debut for said DC Comics figure created in 1962. And yes, his next film projects are as big as The Suicide Squad, as it is part of the main cast of Dune by Dennis Villeneuve when we have the information.

You can still meet the antihero with mommy issues big screen favorite because The Suicide Squad, also starring Margot Robbie, Idris Elba and John Cena, is still on movie theaters in Mexico.

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