‘Suits’ Is Getting Popular Again Thanks to Netflix, Producer Talks Revivals and Unborn Spinoffs

Several Suits spin-offs were under consideration

Since when Suits arrived in streaming mode Netflix In the US, the USA Network legal drama is back in the discussion and even entered the top 10 most watched programs on the platform.

According to data released by Nielsen, the series was watched 3.1 billion minutes (on Netflix and Peacock combined), setting a record for the most-watched streaming series for an “acquired title.”

TVLine spoke with executive producer Gene Klein, who served as a producer and writer for nine seasons, about the show’s second life.

Klein stated:

I was surprised. I’m very proud of the show. Obviously, when I found out that the show was coming to Netflix, I had a feeling that there would probably be another explosion of views and things like that, but I didn’t think that would happen. When (Nielson’s) Weekly Top 10 first came out and there were the first three seasons, I thought, “Well, if everyone keeps watching, it’s going to go on for a while because they’re going to keep moving.” through the seasons,” and that’s exactly what happens. People respect him. This is incredible.

I think there are two different things going on: one has to do with the series itself, and the other has to do with the power of a particular platform. On the one hand, people contact me periodically, so I know that they are signing up for new viewers here and there. But there are some things in the series that can be revisited. There are people who saw it all when it aired and they’re excited to see it again. And I think it’s a fairly unique series that’s worth returning to. Discover something new by watching it again. So there are a number of other things about the show that are revealed when you watch it again. But it’s also a testament to the power of Netflix because the series has been streaming on Peacock for a while now.

The producer then discussed the potential revival thanks to the streaming series’ revival:

I told Aaron that in this age of reboots and reunions and everything else, I expect a call at some point. But I don’t know any serious conversations. It’s just one of those things where in this day and age you wouldn’t be surprised if someone called you one day. But nothing that I know of is happening yet.

Several Suits spin-offs were under consideration

In his lengthy interview with TVLine, Klein also discussed potential spin-offs the series could have gotten over time, but which never came to fruition, with the exception of Pearson starring Gina Torres, which only lasted one season.

“There were a lot of ideas for spin-offs that we mostly just fantasized about. For example, Aaron and I would sit down and say, “How about this?” How about this? Klein shares, adding that all the scripts involved “taking one or two characters and doing their thing with them, but they never went anywhere.”

Among the proposals there is also a spin-off dedicated to the character played by Rick Hoffman, Louis Litt.

“Apparently it was a Louis Litt movie,” Klein says, although he doesn’t want to give away too many details. (These days, you never know when the time will come to turn your fantasy into reality.)

There were other possibilities, touted by the large ensemble of fan-favorite characters that has evolved in recent seasons with the departures of Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle and the arrivals of Dulé Hill, Katherine Heigl and Amanda Schull.

“There were minor characters that (Aaron) had spin-off ideas for, ideas that could become prequels where it would be a younger version of, like, a minor character. Really interesting and fun ideas that we’ve never used anywhere,” Klein admits.

In any case, the final word on the revival or spin-off goes to its original creator, Aaron Korsh:

Suits this is 100% Aaron Korsh, so for something to happen, Aaron has to want to do it. I knew that right after writing nine seasons, he wanted to write more. But I also know how much he loves these characters.

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