Summer 1: Last weekend through June 23, with only Italian dates from Jamiroquai, ALT-J and Metro Boomin

The second edition of the festival will take place on the last two weekends of June (16-17-18 and 23-24-25) at the Lido di Camiore.

First summer: waiting for the only Italian dates of Jamiroquai, ALT-J and Metro Boomin

A surreal experience designed for those who love music between concerts, the beach, yoga and surfing. Musical talks and DJ sets are also scheduled.

Fri 23 Jun Alt-J – Chet Faker – Domi & JD Beck – Just Mustard

Saturday 24 June Jamiroquai – Nu Genia Live Band – Studio Morena – Bruno Bellissimo

Sunday 25 June Metro Boomin – Beau Cuaron – Elle A – Bigmama

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Alt-J (c) George Muncie

Bon Iver_The First Summer 2023 (c) Francesco Prandoni

The spotlights have been turned on for the second weekend of the festival first heatsince Friday From 23 June to Sunday 25 June To lido di camior in Parco Bussoladomani which will host the Unique Italian Dates Of Jamiroquai, Alt-J and Metro Boomin and the concert Chet Faker, Domi & JD Beck, Just Mustard, Nu Genia Live Band, Boo Cuarón, BigMama, Studio Morena, Bruno Bellissimo, Elle A.

Visit on the last weekend to enjoy the best of international and national music as well as experience a little relaxation on the Versilia beach in the first days of summer.

prime time starts friday June 23 Alt-J (10.30 p.m.), English alternative rock cult band. The latest of the best albums of the past year presents “The Dream”, which shows different worlds, from the sounds of opera to house, from post-punk to spoken word. before they Chet Faker (9 p.m.), Australian artist who skillfully blends electronic, soul and trip hop with songwriting. Last May, after the release of the 2022 EP “It’s Not You”, he released a new single Something like this, of viral jazz ahead of them Domi and JD Beck(at 7.45 pm), Wonder Duo Discovered and Produced by Anderson Pak, EI just mustard (6.30 p.m.), a new and already very popular Irish band – in their young career they opened the concerts of Fontaines DC and The Cure – between shoegaze and post-rock with industrial echo.

funk and soul get hot on saturday June 24 And distribute the perfect notes for free. He came back after a long wait of five years single date in italy Jamiroquai and their soul-drenched funk, one of the most innovative and pioneering British bands of recent times. more Mediterranean atmosphere for me nou genia (9 pm) and their burnt impurities, while Murray study (7.45 pm), veterans of the success of the last album wadiroom, Presents a great mix between Jazz and Hip-Hop. The Italian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist opens on day two (6.30 PM). bruno handsome With an italo-disco that smells of funk, irony and summer. A great start to an evening that promises to be one to remember.

La Prima Estate is closed on Sundays June 25 (10.30 pm) This set is exclusively for Italy Of Boomin Metro, the foremost producer and beatmaker of new urban music. One of the best trap producers of all time, already at the age of 29 redefining the direction of hip hop, he oversaw the publication of “”.Spider-Man™: Beyond the Spider-Verse Soundtrack” the official soundtrack of the famous film, in which he brought together a real cast of musical superheroes including Nas (also the hero of the first day of the festival).

At 21, the Italian-Mexican singer, songwriter and producer takes to the stage bu cuarón, Growing up between London and Pietrasanta, she studied at “L”. Boccherini in Lucca”. their first single Mental The album features “Music Inspired by the Film Roma” and was one of the most successful tracks with artists such as Beck, Billie Eilish and Patti Smith. While waiting for the release of his debut EP this fall, Lido Di Camior’s visitors can hear his unique sound: a beautiful mix of hip-hop, electronica and indie pop.

Tomorrow’s talent, awareness and experiments on the stage of Parco Busola at 19.45 Eli A – Born in 2002 – Refreshed with the new EP “Globo”: A dimension of interlocking rhymes over beats that evoke old school hip-hop. Finally, the young rapper kicks off the last day of the festival (6.30 PM). big MamaOne of the most interesting musical discoveries of the Italian scene in recent years.

Vacation is the motto of La Prima Estate: the freedom to be able to experience the event in every aspect and every moment of the day, from the beach to the stage, from musical brunches to meetings with artists, beauty passing in a few minutes for a complete experience in the name of natural, Sport and Leisure. A range of activities were also made possible thanks to the support of the Eurovast partner.

The ideal day begins with an early morning visit to the “Bagno Cavallone” at the Lido di Camiore yoga practice on the beach, guided by instructor Irene Traina, followed by surf and super text Coordinated by Wayride Surf School, free thanks to the endorsement of the WIJI brand. Punctual like every day, 10 am appointment “First Summer Talks”: Powered by Musical Insights Michael Boroni And Valentina Clement Of skytg24 On the terrace of the “Santeria Bellamare” bathroom with journalists, insiders and the cast of the festival. Friday 23 June Rockin’ 1000 producers to guest Fabio ZaffagniniTo share the experience and development of the project, then I just mustard,

saturday 24 it’s time to alessio bertlotte, DJ and speaker from Radio Capital – partner of the festival – to talk about generative artificial intelligence applied to music. eventually sunday 25 Radio Capital journalist and speaker luke degenaro Presenting the second season of his podcast dedicated to festivals and concerts “Live! There I was”, the perfect ending to close the circle of meetings.

After the talk at 12 o’clock again in the “Santeria Belmare” bathroom musical brunch On Saturday and Sunday: Healthy and detox menu to restart with gusto and face the evening concerts. the afternoon will be dedicated free time and relaxation In one of the many bathing establishments located in front of Bussoldomny Park, 50 meters from the sea, be ready at 6.30 pm, when the first artists will come on stage.

In addition, Saturday and Sunday The extraordinary appointment with the radio duo has been renewed Massimo Oldani and Luca De Gennaro: Live from Radio Capital’s Mobile Red studios from 5 to 7 p.m.

for the lovers of the night, The music does not end at midnight, but continues at the nearby “Busola Versilia” disco.”, 10 minutes walk from the park “First Holiday of Summer”, the aftershow dance of the festival. To liven up the nights in Versilia Friday 23 June here comes the dj set Anna Pascal co-founders of the IVREATRONIC collective which brings its eclectic and multi-faceted electronic beats typical of the label. saturday 24 After Jamiroquai Live we’ll keep dancing to the same mix of acid jazz, house, funk and soul Roc and the Body Heat Gang BandA group active since 2017 that blends DJ sets with live music for an all night experience. more than a festival, precise, a holiday.

weekend 1

Fri 16 Jun open school – Geolier – Noize Narcos – Bass Master Dj Set

Saturday 17 June Bon Iver – King of Convenience – Japanese Breakfast – Guinevere

Sunday 18 June – Free Admission dust (Electronic set – left hemisphere) – Elias

weekend 2

Fri 23 Jun Alt-J – Chet Faker – Domi & JD Beck – Just Mustard

Saturday 24 June Jamiroquai – Nu Genia Live Band – Studio Morena – Bruno Bellissimo

Sunday 25 June Metro Boomin – Beau Cuaron – Elle A – Bigmama


The DJ set by La Prima Estate in Bussola Versilia starts at 00:30. Anyone who presents a festival ticket or flyer will have access reduced to 15 euros. Tickets can also be purchased online at TicketSMS Circuit


The GEDI Group is a partner of the event guaranteeing support with its three radio networks: Radio DJ, Radio Capital and M2O, live broadcasts on site.

Tickets for La Prima Estate are on sale at, TicketOne and Dice.

Here are all the details of day and night packages.

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