Summer 2022: what are the requirements to return from abroad (and what to do if I am positive)

PUNTA DEL ESTE (Special Envoy) .- After an atypical edition, for many tourists the summer season came to an end. By plane, boat or car, families and friends prepared to carry out the return home operation with all the conditions that this means in times of pandemic.

For months, the Government imposes a series of requirements for entering the national territory. Before crossing the border with the country, Argentines must present a PCR test for coronavirus with a negative result, carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding. In addition, a complete vaccination schedule must be verified (at least fourteen days from the last dose) in order to be exempt from isolation.

“Those who do not present a complete vaccination schedule must quarantine and perform a PCR on the seventh day of admission, that if it were negative, the isolation would end ”, they say.

Information circulated on the networks that indicated that travelers are also being subjected to an antigen test before crossing. Before a consultation of THE NATIONSources from the National Directorate of Migration categorically rejected the theory. “That is absolutely false. The antigen test to enter was eliminated months ago “they warned.

For their part, minors without a complete vaccination scheme are exempt from isolation in Argentina and they should not perform a PCR test on the seventh day.

The sensitivity of a PCR test allows detecting the positivity of viral load in an organism, even when weeks have passed since a person was infected with Covid-19. In this sense, the Ministry of Health of the Nation ordered that, in addition to a negative PCR test carried out in the country of origin within the seventy-two hours prior to the start of the trip, The medical discharge to re-enter Argentina is also valid.

“It is also valid a certificate of medical discharge issued within the previous ninety days that justifies a positive PCR that proves that he had the disease in that period corresponding to said medical discharge, “said source of the portfolio led by Minister Carla Vizzotti.

Within the framework of the sustained increase in cases, the Government decided to add a diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 between the third to fifth days of arrival in the country, having to refrain during that period from attending mass events or social gatherings in closed spaces. .

All the documentation required to enter the country is required and verified by the operators of means of transport for international air, sea and river passengers.

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