Summer 2023 hair color trend, all about sombre

Between degrade, balayage and ombre, there is a color technique that, more than others, is destined to establish itself in the coming months. We are talking about sombra, the hair color of summer 2023. Numerous nuances, like the others, very famous mentioned above, but extremely delicate in their passages and chromatic evolutions. An ideal color for those who want to use two or even three different shades on their head without creating obvious color gaps. A versatile technique that allows you to give brown and chestnut hair warm and light blond tones. Like Hailee Steinfeld, who showed off her sombre at various movie premieres. Spider-Man: One Verse Spider-Man. The Filipino-African-American California actress transitioned from brown roots to honey blonde tips with soft, feathered shades. Naturally.

Hair color summer 2023, all about sombre

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The word Sombre consists of soft – soft, gentle – and Ombre – a well-known color technique. Soft ombre allows the hair to express itself with different chromatic shades that contrast with each other. This allows you to go from, for example, brown and brown roots to very light blonde lengths and tips. But without the clear chromatic contrast of colors loved over a decade ago. Finally, this is Summer 2023 hair dye, which does not require special care.

What is the difference between ombre and sombre?

The ombre technique is immediately reminiscent of the 1910s, when each head was given space for brown and light shades with obvious color gaps between the top and bottom of the head. A result that Sombre has made softer and lighter by incorporating more shades that increase dimension, depth and movement. The trick to a successful sombre is the chromatic transition that the colorist must be able to create in the space that exists between roots and ends.

Sombre with wavy and curly hair

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Ideal hair for sombre is medium length, long and very long. The more space, the more opportunities the color has to quietly and imperceptibly develop from the darkest roots to the lightest tips. The crease is also important to give space to the color and make it always appear with different results. When the hair is straight, the shades will look flatter. Movement creates and adds new color possibilities. Curls are the perfect tool to show all the different reflections that live on the head. Depth increase.

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