Summer 2023 Trend Micro Bikini: Online Models Have To Get Too Tanned

Micro bikini is the summer trend, as confirmed by a 1000% increase in searches on the Internet

Worn by a whole generation of celebrities especially popular on social networks — Dua Lipa, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber come to mind — summer 2023 swimsuits shed more and more inches of fabric. So much so that search engine Styleite has seen a 1000% increase in internet searches for this trend, which promises to wreak havoc on the beaches.

Subtle, a revival of the 2000s trend

In the wake of a mighty 2000s revival, when thongs were worn with low-rise jeans and tops featured plunging necklines, the micro bikini is also making a comeback. And if last summer, on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the trend began to peep out timidly, now it is mainly asserting itself. Ultimately, this growing popularity of the micro bikini is not surprising, as it was widely anticipated and heralded by the advent of micro skirts and ever-less tops last season. The trend’s creator is Miu Miu, whose spring summer 2022 catwalk launched its “micro set,” which consisted of raw-edged skirts that were much smaller than a mini — which went viral to the point of becoming an iconic garment — and cut breast height with a crop top.

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how to wear micro bikini

Be it thong, Brazilian or thong, it’s time to dare the beaches with sexy beachwear free of constraints. For the less daring, the simplest yet effective option is to pair a swimsuit with a beach miniskirt, as seen on the Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 collection catwalk.

Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023

buy micro bikinis for summer holidays

The first micro bikini to be successful is the gold one worn by the Kardashian sisters on American beaches, apparently in Skims format. The model that has become a cult can now be found on Vestiaire Collective, ready to wear on golden beaches (and in pendants) or on a boat stopped in a remote cove. We already envision your selfie.

But this is not the only solution, below you can discover our selection of micro bikinis to buy immediately, before you actually go on holiday:

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