Summer Clasico gives needed mental boost

Madrid, July 28 (European Press) –

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face off in Dallas (USA) this Saturday in a Summer Clasico with few friendly matches, a match that will see the two teams continue to shape their squads, with the new season underway. The Whites had an excellent scoring system and a fit and leading Jude Bellingham, while the Catalans, who needed a push, had fewer shots and lacked talent.

At 11:00 p.m., AT&T Stadium in Dallas will be the venue for the Football Champions Tour’s prep game between meringues and cul├ęs in the climax of the preseason. The rivalry between the two teams will make the duel far from being a friendly match, although the main thing will be to continue with their respective plans to pick up the pace and build the best physical and tactical condition.

Winning against your greatest rival always makes a good impression, even in a summer friendly in the US, showing that they’re showing their edge in the new year. The Madrid man came here with the best feeling, and their level in the two preparation games was higher than expected.

Despite growing rumors of Mbappe’s imminent arrival this summer, the Whites have remained in isolation, attempting to put the matter on the back burner during pre-season with as little impact on team performance as possible. What’s more, they’re doing it with colorful and powerful football, thanks to a new diamond midfield designed by Ancelotti and led by the brilliant Bellingham.

The English diamond made his debut as a goal-scorer in his second pre-season game against Manchester United, using precious and effective Vaseline. Real Madrid beat Manchester United 2-0 at Houston’s NRG Stadium and beat AC Milan 3-2 in the opening game as Bellingham and Joselu scored Chile’s final goal in the final as Real Madrid added another goal to their tour victory. tension.

Real Madrid arrive in good spirits as they look to strengthen in this summer’s Clasico, while Barca hope this “important” matchup will be a turning point to correct their poor squad.

The Catalans are still not living that fantasy in Madrid until now, with pre-season suspended for the first game of their tour of the United States against Juventus due to the gastroenteritis virus. The setback delayed the “debuts” of Ilkay Gundogan and Oriol Romeu, as Inigo Martinez will have to wait to make his debut with a foot injury.

As such, his first game of pre-season came in Game 2 against England’s Arsenal at Sophie Stadium in Inglewood. They couldn’t make their debut with a smile on their face as more shooting “gunners” smacked them small (3-5) in a frantic matchup filled with comings and goings.

The Catalans missed out on two advantages on the scoreboard, paying the price for a lack of rhythm and discipline, also caused by viral gastroenteritis. According to the man from Terrassa, “it was a good test despite the result”, said Javi Hernandez after a duel that was stronger than expected.

This Saturday will be the third national derby on American soil. The most recent one happened last year. It was a somewhat fierce conflict. The energy of the two sides was far from that of a friendly match, and it ended in a final victory. Real Madrid and Barcelona met for the first time in a US preseason match in 2017, with the Catalans also winning 3-2.

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