Summer feuds hurt more than catchphrases

This year, the beach is dominated by more pangs than catchphrases. From America to England, from Glastonbury to Olbia, from Sanremo to Malibu: this sweltering summer of 2023 is fueling musical controversies.

Paul McCartney vs Bruce Springsteen

At the top of the pyramid of controversies based on interviews are the two holy demons of rock: Paul mccartney Vs Bruce Springsteen, The 81-year-old baronet during a podcast need a friend Conan O’Brien openly accused 73-year-old boss of normalizing a three-hour concert, “With the Beatles we played a concert for half an hour and we got paid for it.” It’s his friend Bruce’s fault, in short, if Mackah has to do a lot of workouts to keep up with his sound marathons.

The Controversy Against Noel Gallagher and Guns N’ Roses

There are those who complain about too much space and there are those who claim theirs. A few weeks back it was one of the former Oasis brothers/knives who busted out, and we were surprised it wasn’t Liam. Noel Gallagher actually criticized the microphone daily star Against Guns N’ Roses at Glastonbury, «When I found out that he was the keynote speaker of the festival I thought: what happened? But are we serious? This is utter nonsense. There are so many great British artists who have released an album this year.’ Who knows how Noel handles his promiscuity these days, as he headlines some festivals across America.

Reptile: Kim Vs Kourtney Kardashian

From America, more precisely from California, another controversy has emerged to laugh about. The protagonists are the most prominent Kardashians of the moment: Kim and Kourtney. The two have an animated discussion behind the camera of their family reality show, At first, Mrs. Barker accused her sister of stealing the mood for her wedding by creating a Dolce & Gabbana show that was too similar to her sweet married life. At that time, Kim accused the court of copying the location of her marriage (Italy). And Andrea Bocelli, the artist who performed during the party. Kim paid full respect to ex-husband Kanye West, saying, “It is known that he is my favorite singer of all time.”

Bocelli himself tried to resolve the family feud, using his Instagram profile to deliver a marketing message to the sisters. “Dear Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, I’m so glad you both like my voice and I’ll always be happy to sing for you. But know that there is a very young and very available artist, Matteo Bocelli.which your mother Kris Jenner knows very well.” Diamonds don’t make a thing, controversy makes a star.

nick cave against all

And what about the ongoing controversy? nick cave, In an era of revisionism and cancellation culture, the Australian singer-songwriter found herself at the center of a scandal over songs included on her 1996 album. murder songsDeemed misogynistic, violent and sexist. Nick’s response was brief, somewhat like his musical output. “The violent language was not aimed at women, but at everyone.” ah ok, ok then.

Controversy Against Taylor Swift

Another star in the American sky took care of self-censorship. without giving it too much publicity, Taylor Swift In fact, he rewrote a few sentences from his 2010 single better than revenge, Having declared herself a feminist, Tay welcomed accusations from her fans, who considered the line “she’s better known for the things she does on the mattress” to be promiscuous. In recent performances, the singer-songwriter has changed the lyrics to “She was a moth to the flame, she was holding a match”.

Morgan, black belt in contention

On the other hand, the confrontation between Morgan and Amadeus knows no bounds. During a meeting at the Maxi in Rome with Vittorio Sgarbi, the X Factor judge defined it as “undemocratic to sign Sanremo’s management up for five years”. I’m not saying that he (Amadeus, Ed) knows nothing about music, that’s a fact and not letting him sign even for a year would be such a thing.’ The discussion then moved to Instagram, where the conductor replied: ”In silence, even an idiot can seem like a genius. Unfortunately idiots always want to talk.’

open heaven Morgan has published a very long tirade, in which he accuses Amadeus (E.) fiorello?) Being obsessed with money, literally “camping” on Ariston, being inhuman and ignorant.

The leader of Bluevertigo wrote on his profile, “Perhaps you do not understand that I do not want to lead or participate in or direct Sanremo.” I only dream that it will be free from hegemony and domination, that it will be a wonderful revival of the Italian song. Morgan didn’t want to participate in parties, she wanted the power to sabotage them.

Rap’s most brutal diss: Louche vs. Salmo

Finally, what about the local clash of Olbia vs Naples? The bar war started in 2019 and resumed a few days ago? The feud that managed to obscure even Luis Sal’s “call the mom, call the lawyer” in The Feds? Psalm vs. Luche: The Sardinian rapper is up against what he himself defined years ago as Neapolitan “the jealous rapper”.

Olbia’s artist rekindles the spark with a sarcasm in the song red bull 64 bar, Hence descending into the hell of humiliation which seems to have no end. former co-sang posted on their channels summerdimarda 2Taking the title of Salmo’s single from 2017, with which he had no answer where ducks fly, At that point the microphone went to Luche, who vented his anger i’m scared to go outwhich generated another response from the Sardinian rapper, who did not send them to him stupid rap game 2, operation scampi It seemed by the Neapolitan artist that he might end the dissent, but Salmo decided to end definitively. Game over,

Meanwhile, the world of Italian rap is in turmoil. inoki replied to Louche (who quoted him). Summer Dimerda 2with freestyle brother-in-lawin which he quotes truebaldaziwho in turn is eager to defend himself he didn’t hate me,

While we wait to find out if and how this story will end, we can enjoy the controversial playlist of the summer. But still there are thousands left.

Article by Federica Mingarelli

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