Summer Games for Kids: 20 Creative Ideas

Which summer games for kids the funniest? Kids love to have fun and experiment, and summer games are a great way to keep them entertained, stimulate their creativity, and keep them active. In this article, we will present you with 20 creative summer play ideas that will keep your kids busy and smiling all summer long.

Summer games for kids
Favorite hobby is treasure hunting.

Summer games for kids: creative ideas for things to do with kids

One of my favorite games when beautiful days come is treasure hunt. Organize a scavenger hunt in your backyard or nearby park. Hide little treasures or clues and let the kids go looking for them. water game: Fill the buckets with water and let the kids complete tasks like filling glasses faster or throwing water farther. Crafts with stones: Collect some smooth stones and let the children color them with paints. They can make animals or draw colorful drawings. There bag racing: Organize a race in which children will jump into sackcloths and have to run to the finish line. ring toss: make circles out of cardboard tubes and let the children try to run them over objects located at a distance.

summer games for kids
It is always nice to take a dip in the sea or in the pool.

What to do in the garden?

Outdoor Twisters: Create a large carpet of Twisters with colored paint on the lawn. There painting with soap bubbles: Mix paint with bubble liquid and let kids blow bubbles onto paper to create colorful art. There building forts: Use blankets, pillows and chairs to build street fortresses. Children will be able to play inside and create their own stories. Among the most fun summer games for children are mini-olympiad: Organize children’s competitions such as long jump, speed run and high jump. water bowl game: Fill the buckets with water and guide the children under the tubs of water with a rope.

summer games for kids
Building sand castles is a lot of fun.

What to do on a beach holiday?

sand sculptures are a favorite activity for kids: take the kids to the beach and let them have fun making sand sculptures with buckets and shovels. Then another fun game Wrap the mummy: Divide the children into pairs and have them wrap their partner in toilet paper. The team that wraps their partner the fastest wins. Classical tug of war: Organize a tug-of-war competition for the children. timeless catch the tail: Ask the children to put on the straps with the ponytail and let them try to catch each other.

Construction of balloons: Use plastic bags, string and straws to build balloons and let the kids make them fly. DIY mini golf: Create an outdoor mini golf course using recycled items like plastic bottles or pieces of wood. Giant Bubble Race: Make a giant bubble solution with soap and water and let the kids try to make the biggest bubbles. Train your mind with open crossword: Lay out the letter tiles in the yard and let the children make words and riddles. Bowling alley with water bottles: Fill some water bottles and have the children knock them over with a ball. Musical chair game: Organize a classic game with a musical chair in the fresh air.

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