Summer Guides, Tips and Tricks for Building Communication Skills at Home

Summer is a great time to put aside computer, internet, and cell phone abuse, and even practice simulation, roleplay, and family games at the beach. «During the summer we can use this opportunity to develop and promote Communication Habits and Skills Julio García Gómez, an expert in language and social communication, said that in light of the new school year, this is useful in our daily life, at home, at work, at school and at university. Fundación Casaverde’s strategy.

If we keep a good family expression, The expert assured us that “we will strengthen relations between members of the sector and we will be able to use new technologies to facilitate dialogue and dialogue”.

Conversely, without this exchange of views between parents and children, García-Gómez warns, “the most basic bonds of affection and affection are broken.”

To improve family communication, try putting some of this expert’s advice into practice:


The art of improvisation.

Parents and children make a list of 10 topics (seaside or mountain vacations, favorite sport, photos of grandparents…). The subjects were randomly determined, and they verbally improvised a message for 30 seconds, recorded on video, and commented.

If you’re in a family, create a role-reversal interpersonal game: Father or mother plays son or daughter, and roles are reversed.

Practice nonverbal communication by describing objects without using words. Use gestures.

three paragraphs to write anything try to summarize them later on one line as a header. This type of activity is great for learning to compress information.

Build improvisation and improvisation skills by talking out loud about your favorite hobby or topic chosen by lottery (tinto de verano, the beach, or the pool). – Invent a monologue of a few minutes and explain it in front of the family.

Use short sentences with periods followed by them. It strives to be concise, yet informative at the same time.

Look into the eyes to convince. And highlight by hand. Behavior!

Photo of the day: A competition between parents, children or friends to choose the most creative or artistically taken image, followed by a verbal commentary on said image in a few minutes as a party.

Record an audio with your friend’s questions and answers about summer vacation.

Put everyday items like spoons, pencils, etc. in the box…close the box and don’t let others know it’s there. Invite participants to draw an object and comment aloud for one minute.


the art of improvisation

Parent and child list 10 topics (seaside or mountain vacation, favorite sport, photos of grandparents…). The topics were randomly decided, and they verbally improvised a message for 30 seconds, which was recorded on video, and then commented on the topics. right and wrong. You can always improve!

The Casa Verde Foundation experts concluded that these guidelines “will help you perform better and make others more interested in your message. Exercise Verbal, nonverbal and paralinguistic communication The emphasis of the voice, the rhythm of the conversation, and the use of silence”.

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