Summer Hits 2023, Songs of Summer 2023.

What will be the summer 2023 catchphrase? From Annalisa to Elodie, passing through Marco Mengoni and Boomdabash.

Every year this season comes the catchphrase hunt, at the moment the outlook is all pretty gloomy, let’s see what the Italian, Latin and International songs are Which will be able to make people dance this summer 2023.

summer catchphrase 2023

In summer the collective imagination is fueled by music. From clubs to beach parties, the common thread is represented by background tunes, whether historical songs or novelties. Every year, we gear up for the so-called jumlebaazi, songs under the umbrella to creep into our brains and never leave us. In fact, When certain notes manage to hit our hearts and above all our heads, it becomes difficult to forget them.

Now, on social media, they’ve started To predict what 23 summer hits will be with us, Anticipating an already flaring climate. All details below.

Marco Mengoni feat. Elodie – Crazy Music

An offbeat track that still didn’t throw us out of the series. This collaboration between the two Italian superstars has been eagerly awaited, as they try their hand at the 2000s with this song that mimics Crazy in Love by BeyoncĂ© a little more badly.

Fedez Analisa Episode 31 – Disco Heaven

Another cartridge on Perfect Paper that definitely disappointed us, the much better Annalisa’s solo single “Mon Amour”, decidedly more catchy and summery. With its pop and uptempo sound, the song manages to grab the listener’s attention from the very first notes and infuses a pinch of joy and lightness.

Annalisa’s voice is always very solid and the production of the song is well thought out. A piece that promises to be one of the hits of the summer.

Hernia brachii fibrae – lightning rods

“Lightning Rods” is a rap song interpreted by Ernia, Breche and Fabri Fibra, but it is the vocals that make the difference. These three artists, great friends, eschew the transience of the social moment, in favor of reality.

It’s going to be hard to resist singing along, especially during a long car ride. The piece begins with an aggressive beat and lyrics that talk about wanting to establish themselves in the Italian rap scene, but the chorus serves as a kind of response to the previous words: “Tutti ve lightning rod”. want to be, but nothing is eternal here”. With this sentence, all three rappers make it clear that there is no need to break through and become famous at all costs, but the important thing is to live and appreciate the present moment.

Angelina Mango – We’ll Think About It Tomorrow

Coming off Amici 23, Angelina has way to establish herself with her unreleased Ci Pensiamo Domani this summer.

dua lipa – dance the night

Dua Lipa also returns from the soundtrack for the Barbie movie, but the single doesn’t live up to the hits of future nostalgia. It listens to itself, and may even do well in the charts, but it’s hardly going to be an unforgettable song.

Lorraine – Tattoo

He had a blast with Euphoria, and after more than 10 years he returned following his victory at Eurovision. Lorin may be the European buzzword of the summer with her tattoo

Kylie Minogue – Padma Padma

Yes, Kylie Minogue knows how to take a hit, and Padma Padma really deserves to be a jumla! The first single “Tension” is already ingrained in our minds very quickly, a sophisticated and catchy pop piece. it never disappoints

But we are only at the beginning, we will update this post with many new songs that will be released in the month of June, also Boomdabash with Paola and Chiara and many more are lined up.

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