Summer in Your Eyes: Season 1 Review


Summer in your eyes it is one of the most popular series Prime Video. The first season, released last June, was an unprecedented success, especially thanks to word of mouth on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. Taken from books Jenny Khanfamous All the time that I wrote I love you, the series tells about the first teenage love and difficult family relationships. The second season, currently streaming on the streaming platform, will air on August 18. “Summer in Your Eyes”, also renewed for a third series, is a worldwide success. In anticipation of the final episodes, it is necessary to talk about the first episodes and make delivery about what happened.

Summer in your eyes

Summer in your eyes: plot

Stomach, Isabelle Conklin, intersperses her life in the summer. Summer is the time he can go back to the Massachusetts country house where his mother gathers every year (Laurel), her best friend (Suzanne) and their respective children. On the one hand, Belli has always been in love with Conrad, the eldest son of Susanna, always ready to redeem her. On the other hand, Jeremiah, Conrad’s younger brother, is the main character’s best friend, a fundamental reference point that can be relied upon. Belly, who has matured and changed from previous years, feels that this summer she will have the opportunity to blossom and win over the guy she has always been in love with. Between love disappointments and family dramas, the long-awaited vacation will not be as expected, but no less beautiful and exciting.

Summer in your eyes

Summer in your eyes: review

Summer in your eyes is a subtle coming-of-age story with a dramatic twist. The first season consists of 7 episodes lasting about 45 minutes, relating to the first book of the trilogy. The transition from childhood to adolescence is a key moment in everyone’s life. Desires change and new feelings blossom. Belli, always insecure and clumsy, arrives at the holiday home realizing that she is different and ready for new experiences. The protagonist’s growth path is well structured and linear, resulting in educational and enjoyable content to watch.


Belli is torn between her longtime attraction to Conrad and her best friend Jeremiah. The relationship with the two brothers develops and turns into something else, crossing the fine line between friendship and love. Between parties, days at the beach, and nightly baths, Belli is reluctantly caught up in a love triangle, making an unmeasurable amount of mistakes and causing all sorts of misunderstandings. The first teenage experiences that will forever change his outlook on life. Loss of innocence and naivety are typical of childhood.

Parallel to the teenage plots, other story arcs develop, including the relationship between Suzanne and Laurel, inseparable friends since college. The two support each other from every angle as they face family crises and health issues. Completely real for children, they also show the limits of parenting, full of mistakes. Both mothers and children make mistakes, proving that no one ever stops learning. Laurel is a divorced mother focused on her career, Susanna is forced to lie to protect Conrad and Jeremiah. However, towards the end, a painful secret is revealed, bringing suffering and despair.

Summer in your eyes


One of the show’s greatest strengths is the characters, who are charismatic and able to catalyze the audience’s attention. Starting with Belly, an insecure teenager who is discovering herself. Many young girls in the throes of first love can empathize with her. Conrad, a complex and highly stratified teenager whose behavior is inconsistent and mysterious. Jeremiah, the lively and carefree soul of the party. Laurel and Susannah, two strong women with completely different personalities who share an inseparable bond. StephenBelli’s brother, sensitive and indecisive. Taylor, the protagonist’s best friend, is always the center of attention and sometimes a little selfish. No one is perfect and each has equal strengths and weaknesses.


Summer and soundtrack

The plot, although pleasant, is quite obvious and has already been met in previous productions. However, the way it is presented fascinates and convinces. Skillful use of photography through warm tones immediately evokes thoughts of summer. The locations are worked out to the smallest detail, conveying joy and sadness at the same time. Cousins ​​Beach, the place where events unfold, seems to have arisen in a dream, as well as a beautiful house on the shore, where the main characters live. Nothing is worn or random.

The soundtrack is considered the highlight of the series as it features some of the most popular contemporary singers including Taylor Swift AND Olivia Rodrigo. The atmosphere that reigns in every scene is magical and captivating, also thanks to Belli’s first-person narration, which offers his own perspective on the main events.

Summer in your eyes: conclusions

“Summer in Your Eyes” is a well-crafted coming-of-age teen drama that, while obvious at times, offers interesting moments for reflection while skillfully telling the story of Generation Z. The multi-faceted and interesting characters convey a high level of humanity. The created love triangle is complex and not obvious, with constant twists and turns that keep the attention level high. Viewing is highly recommended.


Trailer and where to watch it

Seasons 1 and 2 of Summer in Your Eyes are available on Prime Video for a free trial week. The product was also recently renewed for a third season.


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