Summer nails with an extraordinary wow effect: here are tips from manicure masters on how to do them at home

Summer nails with an unusual effect

Summer nails with an unusual effect

The summer trend of having pretty water-inspired nails to recreate reflections and droplets is all the rage right now online. Here’s how Zola Ganzorigt, Hailey Bieber’s manicurist, makes them.

Fashion in summer painted with many colors, this is the perfect time of year for show more specific details, launching some more bizarre combinations. Choice brighter colors we can improve tanned skin, getting a cheerful, but at the same time captivating look. OUR bright colors this season are yellow, fuchsia, orange and emerald greenbut they are trendy too pastel shades, refined and elegant. However, to define our outfit to the fullest, we cannot do without a manicure, which can make us even more beautiful.

Summer nails with an extraordinary wow effect

there is little neat handsIndeed, this detail cannot be underestimated, do we have short and long nails. So let’s avoid using harsh detergents, it is better to wash our hands with neutral soaps or products without alcohol and fragrances. Important use nourishing and moisturizing creams, but also those that protect against UV rays are ideal for preventing skin aging. After you have done the right manicure, you will only have apply varnish fashionable, best match with clothes.

There are colors that will never go out of style, such as elegant and chic cherry red, which should always be remembered. Latest trend of the season draws inspiration from water, it’s called “water nails”Includes several effects reproduce the reflection of the ocean and three-dimensional water drops or waves. We can choose a translucent version that mimics the color of sky blue or a more intense blue mirror of water. In general, it would be ideal to use gel polish with at least 2 coats, but we can also use regular or semi-permanent. To make this mod so popular by sharing textbookwas here Hailey Bieber nail technicianexplaining all steps with simplicity.

How to create a water effect

It may seem complicated, but everyone can do a summer manicure at home with an amazing water-inspired wow effect. The tutorial shows how to do it: Apply the first coat of turquoise glitter polish and the second coat of light blue.. Then you use one magnetic wand, a small tool that gives nails a special shiny effect. Finally it spreads top layer for sealingcreating with brush with dotsas if they were a reflection of the water. If we want to choose a simpler technique suitable for all nails that does not require too much dexterity, we can take inspiration from another video. In this case, we start with one neutral baseand then apply some transparent drops of acrylic glue, for a look resolutely difficultperfect for summer.

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